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What is the formula for blood pressure?
BP = HR x SV x SVR
How does aortic stenosis effect afterload?
It increases afterload
What is the best way to decrease BP?
Increase vessel diameter
What is the best way to increase BP?
Decrease vessel diameter.
How does the body control BP?
Where are baroreceptors located?
Aortic arch and cadotids
What enzyme is released from the kidneys that effects BP?
What enzyme is made in the liver that effects BP?
How does angiotensin II effect the kidneys?
It tells the kidneys to hold on to salt which increases fluid which increases stroke volume.
What are the two main types of adrenergic receptors?
Alpha and beta
What happens to vessels when alpha receptors are stimulated?
The vessels constrict
What happens to vessels when the beta receptors are stimulated?
The vessels dialate
How do diuretics work?
They reduce volume
Name some sympathomimetic drugs?
Dopamine, dobutamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and neosynephrine
Name two vasodilator drugs given in the Cath lab
Nitroglycerin and nipride
How does nitro effect preload and afterload
It decreases both.
What is the agonist for Versed
What is the agonist for Fentanyl
What is the drip concentration for lidocaine?
2GM/ 500ccs
What is a contraindication for lidocaine
Heart block
What is the concentration for dopamine?
When Is atropine used?
Vagal reactions and sinus brady
What is the dosages for amiodarone?
150mg for arrythmias
300mgs for cardiac arrest
What is the therapeutic level for ACT?
ACT 250-300
What is a normal PTT and PT
PTT=30-45 secs
PT= 10-12
What is a normal INR?
What is an example of low molecular weight heparin?
Name some anti platelets?
ASA, Plavix(clopidagrel), Effient(plasagrel),Brillanta(ticagrelor)
Name some drugs used the in the CCL to increase heart rate?
What can be a side effect of giving Adenosine?
When used to cardiovert an abnormal rhythm, is can cause a few seconds of ventricle asystole
What is the dose for adenosine for arrythmias?
6mg rapid IV push, possible second 12mg dose 1-2 mins later
What class of drugs are the following:esmolol,atenolol,metoprolol,propanolol
What class of drugs are the following: diltiazam,verapamil
Calcium channel blockers
What class of drugs are the following:enalapril,zestril,lisinopril!catopril
ACE inhibitor
What class of drug is the following:
candesartan (Atacand),
eprosartan (Teveten),
irbesartan (Avapro),
telmisartan (Micardis),
valsartan (Diovan),
losartan (Cozaar), and
olmesartan (Benicar
ARB's=angiotensin II receptor blockers
How does epinephrine effect afterload?
It increases afterload
Why is nitroglycerine given for an MI?"
To decrease preload and afterload
Do diuretics Effect preload or afterload.
What drug should not be given or given with caution to those with asthma?
Inderol(propranolol) it is a nonselective beta blocker.
What does morphine do to vascular resistance
It decreases peripheral vascular resistance.
How do you treat HOCM?
Treat the symptoms with meds. Beta blockers and calcium channel blockers
What conditions beta blockers prescribed for?
Hypertenision, angina, a fib,arhythmias, CHF, MI's
What is ergonovine used for?
Causes coronary spasm to evaluate for Prinzemetals