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• Mannerism
A work of art done in the
characteristic “touch” or recognizable “manner.”

 Emotional
disturbing, clashing colour
Agitated, strong movement
Dramatically lit
Exaggerated proportions
Confusing narrative
Unnatural, bizarre
Figures cramped / empty space
• Antonio Vivaldi
o Four Seasons
o Concerto
Vivaldi: musical director of conservatory.

The Four Seasons: Brilliant composition of four dramatic episodes connected by a recurring melody. Studied by Bach later.
Louis XIV
Symbol of his authority
L’etat, c’est moi!

Louis XIV = the Sun King

The Palace of Versailles
What form of art did the French monarch (Louis XIV) use to show his power?
Palace of Versailles
Francis Bacon- Novum Organum
Novum Organum - Literature (New Method) objectivity and clear thinking
Separation of Science and religion
o Inductive reasoning
o Scientific method
Inductive - Start Specific then generalize
Denis Diderot- Encyclopédie (Encyclopedia)
Encyclopedia--All human knowledge: Diderot
First Encyclopedia
Thomas Hobbes-Leviathan
Leviathan - Literature
Strong state assures peace and security
o Where did the style develop
Originated: French Court
Rococo style-main characteristics
-Soft, pastel, depicts upper classes, frivolous, light-hearted
What is a Salon?
a room designed especially for social gatherings, later referring to the social gathering itself.
Correggio, Jupiter, Io
Oil on Canvas Painting -
Jupiter (Zeus) seduces Io, daughter of Argos, while in the form of a cloud
Important city for early Renaissance
– Florence, Italy
Main characteristics of Renaissance culture,
– Learning, Revival of Classics, skilled in many crafts, geometric shapes, calm/emotionless, idealized realism
Filippo Brunelleschi -and his work
-Invented Perspective
Nicolo Machiavelli
–Prince-main themes – Leaders feared, not loved, history, poly –sci
- School of Athens- Philosophy
-Middle – Whose pointing where?
- Plato - Pointing toward the Heavens
-Aristotle - Holding Book - Pointing Forward
Donatello -his sculpture
-David – First nude since ancient times, bronze, feminine, S-curve
Michelangelo and his work- David- his significance
Sistine Chapel –
-David – Detailed, before battle, signifies overcoming big guy, freedom
Da Vinci and his work
-Mona Lisa – Smile
-Atmospheric perspective – Further back objects gets blue/gray - cooler
Renaissance Man-definition
– Skilled in many crafts
Martin Luther and the Catholic Church
-Lutheranism – Went against Catholic Church
The affect the protestant Reformation had on Europe and Catholic Church
-No more unified Catholic Church
Reformation in England
-Henry VIII – Changes to religion in England to Lutheran
Shakespeare and his work
-Characters are complex, realistic, modern characters
Main Characteristics of Baroque
-Movement, Duller colors, focused light, extravagant, and exuberant, more is more
Caravaggio- his technique of painting -
-tennebrism – contrast between dark background and lit images, natural look
Bernini as sculptor and architect
-David – Pre/Post Battle? -
Aristocratic Baroque
- Louis the XIV
-His power
main Characteristics of the Enlightenment period
-Scientific Revolution, Science explains world
Neoclassical style-main characteristics
-Revive Greek/Roman
– Perfect Republic, Elegant, Simple
-Age of Revolution
Federal Style in United States
– Montecello, Capital Building
– Neoclassical in gov’t
Jacques Louis David and his work
-Favorite Napoleon Painter
–Napoleon Crossing Alps
Main Characteristics
-Imaginative, expressive, trying to escape modern world
Romantic Literature
Mary Shelly
Mary Shelly
- Faust
Romantic Hero-Promethean Ideal
– Gives fire to humans, rebels, sacrifice
Revival of the Gothic in arts and architecture
-neomedievalism, London Parliament
Nationalistic ideas-painters associated with these ideas
New Realism
–Realistic, how they are in nature
Literary realism-Dickens
-Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Talks about Life in London
_____ was written by Castiglione, and was about How to behave in court and how a perfect human should be
The Book of Courtier
______was called the"Rebirth" and was a time in which Roman and Greek styles were revived.
Oil painting –Northern Renaissance in Europe
-Medium of the North
______ was a social gathering place
– Earth in Center
– Sun in Center
Deductive method
– Start complex, end simple
- Rebirth
– Fresh plaster with line and water colors, painting
– contrast between dark background and lit images, natural look
Main Characteristics of Baroque
-Movement, Duller colors, focused light, extravagant, and exuberant, more is more
Vanishing point
Where all the lines converge
– S-Curve Define
– Dialogue of certain regions, language
– Studying Human Activity, mind, idea, Rennaissance, Da Vinci/Michelangelo
– Music composition for full orchestra
– Focuses on light, creates 3d figures by contrasting light/darkness, shading
– 3 movement secular form of instrumental music
The Philosophes – Who are they?
Philosophers who frequented the salons and dominated the intellectual life of french enlightenment. (Voltair)
Deists - God Creator /Not daily
Claude Monet
Oil on Canvas