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neurotic disorder
usually distressing but allows one to think rationally and function socially
generalized anxiety disorder
continually tense, apprehensive, and in a stae of autonomic nervous sytem arousal
false beliefs that may accompany psychotic disorders
dissociative disorders
conscious awareness becomes separated from memories, thoughts and feelings
oedipus complex
sexual desire for mother and hatred for father. boys feel lurking fear of punishment perhaps by castration from their father, penis envy
personal control
our sense of controlling our environment rather than feeling helpless
reciprocal determinism
the interacting influences between personality and environmental factors
psychotic disorder
one loses contact with reality, experiencing irrational ideas and distorted perceptions
persistent irrational fear and avoidance of a specific situation
thematic apperception test (tat)
a test to get people to express their inner feelings
anal stage
18-36 months
sphincter muscle and bladder, toilet training
banishes arousing thoughts from consciousness
learned helplessness
hoplessness a human learns when unable to avoid repeated events
projective test
personality test designed to trigger projection of inner dynamics
people channel their unacceptable impulses into social activities
latency stage
6-11 years
little boys and girls think eachother are icky
oral stage
0-18 months
infants sexula pleasure focuses on sucking, biting and chewing
super ego
ideal of how to behave
a defense mechanism where a person faced with anxiety retreats to an infantile stage
james lange theory
we are sad because we cry, behavior comes first and then we cry
at any point in the oral, anal or phallic stage, strong conflict can lock the person's pleasure seeking energies in that stage
defining one's identity in terms of personal attributes rather than group identifications
priority to the goals of one's group and defining one's identity accordingly
behavior patterns that distinguish us from one another.
self-serving bias
a readiness to perciever onesself favorably
non-verbal communications
communication is through the body's silent language
genital stage
happens during puberty, boys and girls feel sexual feelings for eachother
dissociative identity disorder
rare disorder in which a person has two or more personalities. a.k.a. multiple personality disorder
body language
hand guestures differ across cultures and facial expressions stay the same
reaction formula
the ego unconsciously switches unacceptible impulses into their opposites.
a widely used system for classifying psychological disorders
minnesota multiphasic personality inventory (MMPI)
most used of all personality tests. originally developed to identify emotional disorders.
unconditional positive regard
an attitude of total acceptance toward another person
culture and emotional expression
facial expressions like happiness and fear are worldwide
all our thoughts and feelings about ourselves in answer to the question "who am i?"
subjective well-being
self-perceived satisfaction in life used along with measures of objective well-being
rorschach inkblot test
seeks to identify people's inner feelings by analyzing their interpretations of the blots
free association
frued told patients to relax and say whatever comes to mind, he learns from the response something from the unconscious mind
the motivation to fullfill one's potential
a characteristic pattern of behavior to feel and act by self and peer reports
arousal and performance
performance peaks at lower levels of arousal for diff. tasks, higher levels for easy or well learned tasks
anxiety disorder
distressing, persistent anxiety or maladaptive behaviors that reduce anxiety
delusional thinking and inappropriate emotions and actions
emotional arousal
elated excitement and panicky fear involve similar physiological arousal
process by which according to freud, children incorporate their parents values into their developing personalities
electra complex
3-6 years
little girls seek sexual gratification from their fathers
offers self-justifying explanations in place of the real threatening reasons for one's actions
cannon bard
arousal and emotional experience occur together
positive psychology
discover and promote conditions that enable individuals and communities to thrive
manifest content
part of a dream you remember
right side of brain
negative, disgust
mood disorders
emotional extremes
shifts sexual and agressive impulses toward a more acceptable or less threatening object or person
schactor's factor
experience of emotion grows from our awareness of our body's arousal
effects of facials
expressions amplify the felt emotion and signal the body to react accordingly
empirically derived test
a test eveloped by testing a pool of items and then electing those that discriminate between groups
operates on the pleasure principle, if not constrained by reality it seeks immediate gratification
emotional release, build up anger and explode then feel better but only temporarily
manic episode
hyperactive, wild optimistic state
parasympathetic division
bio-pyscho social perspective
assuming biological, psychological and sociocultural factors combine and interact to produce psychological disorders
anti-social personality disorder
person exhibits a lack of conscience for wrongdoing, even toward friends and family. may be clever or a ruthless con-artist
defense mechanisms
help deal with conflict that comes with anxiety
phallic stage
3-6 years
pleasure zone is genitals, boys seek sexual gratification from their mothers
bipolar disorder
mood disorder where a person alternates between depression and mania
personality inventory
a questionnaire in which people respond to items designed to guage a wide range of feelings and behaviors; used to assess selected personality traits.
major depressive disorder
for no apparent reason a person experiences two or more weeks of depressed moods in most activities
anally retentive
excessivly neat
a mix of psychological activation, expressive behaviors and conscious experience
feel good do good phenomenon
when you feel happy you are more likely to help others
collective unconscious
carl jung's concept of a shared, inherited reservoir of memory traces from our species history
sympathetic division
arousing, your body mobilizes for action
panic disorder
intense dread experiencing terror,chest pain, or choking.
personality disorders
inflexible and enduring behavior patterns that impair social functioning