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Prevents release of FSH


Uses a simple mathematical formula to determine when to abstain from intercourse

Calendar method

Involves noting changes in cervical mucus in order to determine when to abstain from intercourse

Billings method

Blocks sperm from getting into the vagina

Male or female condom

Prevents sperm deposited in the vagina from getting into the uterus

Diaphragm and cervical cap

Progestins prevent ovulation

Depo-Provera and Nexplanon

Involves trying or cutting off vas deferens


Involves tying, cutting, or cauterizing Fallopian tubes, or blocking them by clips

Tubal sterilization

Withdrawal is not a highly effective method of birth control because

Many men fail to with-draw in time

After a vasectomy, a man is not sterile until

He has had 20 ejaculations

If a woman's shortest recorded menstrual cycle is 25 days and her longest is 31 days, by the calendar method she should abstain from intercourse from day __ to day ___


Women's basal body temperature ___ about the time of ovulation

Rises slightly

Women's cervical mucus becomes ___ at the time of ovulation

Clear and Slippery

Rubber condoms should not be used in combination with ___ lubricants


Three non-prescription barrier types of contraception are (3)

Mail condom, female condom, contraceptive sponge

In cases of unprotected intercourse, pregnancy may be avoided within the first few days by _____

using emergency contraception

Sperm can live in a fallopian tube for as long as

5 days

The best way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy is

to abstain from sex