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Who found that 92% of men and 62% of women surveyed had masturbated, demonstrating that it is a normal human sexual behavior


Masturbation rates increase among these groups (2)

latinos, african americans.

Fantasize about someone else while having sex with their current partner is called ______ fantasy

replacement fantasy

dominance fantasies are more common among men or women


submission fantasies are more common among women or men


how often do most young married couples have sex a week

1-3 times

range for entire intercourse typically

15-60 minutes

most common position for sexual intercourse in USA


2 names for oral sex

fellatio and cunnilingus

Masturbation and oral sex are more commonly experiences by people with ____ levels of education (high or low)


who has more visual and sexually explicit sexual fantasies (men or women)m


Do men think, daydream, and fantasize about sex more often than women


Couples should not engage in anal and vaginal intercourse without washing in between because of (2 words)

anorectal basteria

one of the most common types of fantasy during sex is

the replacement fantasy

Primary reason many people wack off after forming a sexual relationship is


Laumann found that the 2 sexual behaviors most preferred by Americans are

Vaginal intercourse and watching partner undress

Found that masturbation is mostly a reflection of sexually active lifestyle (person)


The preferred manner of sexual intercourse in all known cultures is _____ to _____

face to face

what position is usually preferred in cultures where a woman's sexual satisfaction is considered to be as important as the man's

woman on top