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Which of the following is an effective way of coping

remove, manage, cognitive coping

An important difference between withdrawal and removing the source of the stress is that withdrawal, the stress:

is still there.

You yell at your best friend when you are really angry with your college professor. the defense mechanism of


you have been caught in a lie by your spouse but instead you turn it around and accuse your spouse of doing the lying. This is


If after getting a C in a class that you thought you deserved a B in, you threw a child like temper tantrum outside your teachers office, you exhibited


the defense mechanism of denial is characterized by:

refusing to believe reality.

Its 7:55 am and you have a 8:00am class. You sure you will make it on time until you are stopped by a train. The type of stress you are experiencing is


Health psychologists studying safety issues are more concerned with such matters as:

all of the above

According to mental health practitioners, which term is most synonymous with the word abnormal


according to the definition, which of the following behaviors is considered by psychologists to be abnormal behavior


The scientific study of the origins, symptoms, and development of mental, emotional, and behavior disorders, and the disorders themselves, are called