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Service in the Regular Navy or Navy Reserve that is continued by reenlistedment.
Continuous Service
A member may reenlist within how many months following discharge or release from active duty to retain continuous service?
3 months
A member discharged or released from active duty on 7 December may be reenlisted on any day up to and including what date to retain continuous service?
7 March
A member may reenlist within 6 months following discharge or release from active duty provided which of the following criteria are met?

a. member is classified RE-R1
b. member holds a rating listed as CREO 1 or 2
c. member does not exceed age requirement for reentry
d. both a and b
e. all of the above
d. both a and b
True or False:

If a member has previously served an enlistment in the Navy Reserve, then member's enlistment therein will be a "reenlistment."
Enlistment or renlistment in the Navy Reserve following discharge from the Regular Navy DOES or DOES NOT prejudice a member's right to reenlist under continous service conditions in the Regular Navy?
Does Not
Members on active duty reenlisting in the Regular Navy or reenlisting in the Navy Reserve may reenlist on board how many years?
2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 years
In all cases of reenlistment, members reenlisting within how many monthsprior tot he normal expiration of enlistment, or enlistment as extended, will be considered as having completed their initial contract?
3 months or less
Full Time Support (FTS) personnel must have a minimum of how many months Reserve Active Duty Obligation (RADO) for reenlistment?
24 months