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Cooperative and coordinated social system of two or more people with a common purpose


Right to direct the actions of others


Visual display of an organization's positions and lines of authority

Organization chart

Organization in which managers make decisions and staff personnel provide advice and support

Line and staff organizational

An organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge to improve performance

Learning organization

Fitting the organization to it's environment

Contingency design

Rigid bureaucracies

Mechanistic organizations

Flexible, adaptive organization structures

Organic organizations

Grouping related jobs or processes into major organizational subunits


Number of people who report directly to a given manager

Span of control

The retention of decision-making authority by top management


Management's sharing of decision-making authority with lower level employees


Assigning various degrees of decision-making authority to lower level employees


Three layer structure with a constricted middle layer

Hourglass organization

Collaborative structure in which teams are the primary unit

Cluster organization

Internet linked networks of value adding subcontractors

Virtual organizations

Shared values ,beliefs, and language that create a common identity and sense of community

Organizational culture

Shared beliefs about what the organization stands for

Organizational values

Process of transforming outsiders into accepted insiders

Organizational socialization