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Analyse (v)

Analysis (n)

Analyst (job)

to study something carefully in order to understand it. Word family (v) (n) (job)

burglary (n)

when someone breaks into your house to steal your valuable things

commit (v)

verb that goes with "a crime", meaning you did something against the law.

crime (n)

something against the law; bad. For example, murder, burglary, theft...

discover (v)

to find or learn something you did not know about before

DNA (n)

a material you cannot see with your eyes that carries all of our genetic information.

evidence (n)

facts, objects or information that show something is 100% true

fingerprints (n)

the unique pattern on the tips of our fingers - everyone's is different so it identifies you at the scene of a crime.

investigator (job)

investigate (v)

Investigation (n)

Studying something very carefully to find out the facts and the truth. Word family - (n) (v) (job)

reveal (v)

to show something you could not see before.

scene (n)

a place where something happened

solve (v) a crime

To find out who committed a crime.