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Long Sit Criteria 3

3: maintain neutral, flex forward 5 cm on hips

Goal Posts criteria 3

maintain neutral, slide up wall, shoulders fully abducted

heel raise criteria 3

5 reps in full motion without fingertip

seated hip abduction criteria 3

abduct legs greater than 65 degrees from centre

half squat criteria 3

flex greater than 45 degrees, extend spine with scapulae depression for 30 seconds

full squat criteria 3

squat all the way down and up with smooth motion

z-sitting criteria 3

maintain bilateral ischial contact within 1 inch of the floor

roll up criteria 3

can full articulate the spine

hundred position criteria 3

can maintain lumbar flexion and avoid recuts bulge

side lift criteria 3

can abduct top leg for > 3seconds, maintain scapular stability, core control and balance