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Four people are pulling on corners of a box with the forces:

Arthur - Left top corner: 7N

Bill - Right top corner: 10N

Carol - Left bottom corner: 10N

Diane - Right bottom corner: 13N

If there are no other forces on the box, in what direction will it move?

Directly toward Diane

Which of the following are transferred or shared when two atoms react chemically?


In the periodic table, the rows called


The compound from the elements calcium and chlorine is known as

Calcium chloride - binary compound

('ate' has oxygen in compound)

A student connects three identical light bulbs in parallel to a dry cell. What happens when the student removes one of the light bulbs from its socket?

The other light bulbs remain on and will be equally bright.

In order to determine the speed of an object, what measurements must be made?

Distance and time

What is the isotope of the same element?

Same amount of protons, different neutrons

A toaster is plugged into a wall outlet that has a voltage of 110 volts. If the toaster's resistance is 10 ohms, what current runs through the toaster?

V = IR

11 amperes

A block of aluminum will be used to determine the density of aluminum. If the block measures 2 cm x 3 cm x 6 cm, what is its volume?

2 x 3 x 6

36 cm^3

A large number of iron nails were kept in containers in a humid room. Some of the containers were open, and some were airtight. Sixty percent of the nails kept in open containers developed rust. Which of the following would be most important to know in order to draw a conclusion about whether the humidity might have contributed to the rusting?

The percentage of nails in airtight containers that also developed rust

What process is represented by the following description: "sugar is added to water and a sweet liquid results after"?


The weight of a person on Earth is 6 times his or her weight on the Moon. What type of force is responsible for a person's weight?


The word "ambulance" is painted on the front of some vehicles so that it reads correctly in the rearview mirror that is attached to the windshield of a car driving in front of the ambulance. The word is painted this way because the mirror

Reverses the left and right sides of objects

What best represents how electrons are arranged in the energy levels of a carbon atom?

first energy level = 2 electrons

second energy level = 4 electrons

If 15 N of force are applied to a cart to move it a distance of 5 m, how much work is done on the cart?

15 J

How could 3 magnets be arranged end to end so that there will be no attraction between them?

S - S

N - N

A balloon is moving in one direction while escaping air is moving in the opposite direction. What causes the balloon to move?

Action-reaction forces

If the north poles of two bar magnets are brought together, what is true?

The two north poles will repel each other.

A series circuit has a current of 3A. The circuit contains 12 ohm resistor. What is the voltage of the circuit?

36 V

A car is traveling at a constant speed of 12 m/s. When the driver accelerates, the car reaches a speed of 26 m/s in 6 s. What is the average acceleration of the car?

2.3 m/s/s

A large rock has a mass of 750 kg. What is its weight?

7,350 N

A closed circuit has the resistance of 6 ohms and a voltage of 12 volts. How much current flows through this circuit?

2 A

A student moves a box across the floor by exerting 23.3 N of force and doing 47.2 J of work on the box. How far does the student move the box?

2.03 m

When a light ray enters the container of water, it bends due to


What is the lowest point of a transverse wave?


A student applies a force to a box with a mass of 30 kg. If the student applies the same force to a box with a mass of 15 kg, which best describes the effect on the acceleration of the 15-kg box?

It is double the acceleration of the 30-kg box.