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Which of the table forms ions that have a valence of 1+?


The stored energy in a battery can BEST be described as


What is a nonrenewable source?

Natural gas

In normal air, what substance is MOST common?


The melting of wax is a physical change yet the burning wax is a chemical change. What is the essential difference between the physical change and chemical change of wax in a burning candle?

The burning wax forms new compounds, while the melting of wax does not.

In a restaurant kitchen, lamps are used to keep food warm. Which type of electromagnetic radiation do the lamps emit that is primarily responsible for keeping the food warm?


SI is a standardized system of measurement used to express fundamental qualities in metric units. What metric units are used to measure the fundamental qualities of length, mass, and time, respectively, in SI units?
meter, kilogram, second

Which of the following could be used to convert light energy to electrical energy?

A solar cell

As you move from left to right across a row of elements in the periodic table, what happens to the number of neutrons in a typical atom?

It increases

What procedure is unsafe when heating a liquid in a test tube?

Looking down the test tube to check for boiling

The symbol for element copper is


What accounts for most of the mass of an atom?

Neutrons and protons

Example of a pure substance

A dark gray solid that attracts iron fillings

Which element has the same number of valence electrons as krypton (Kr)?

Neon (Ne)

What element is an alkaline earth metal?


Which describes an atom with an atomic number of 9?

9 protons, 10 neutrons

Which scientist described a model of the atom that included energy levels?


What process involves a chemical change?

Exposed iron in a moist environment rusts.

What pair of elements has the most physical and chemical properties in common?

Al and Ga

An atom has 29 protons, 29 electrons, and 35 neutrons. What is the mass number of the atom?


Name a situation that provides the best evidence that a chemical reaction is taking place?

Two solutions mixed in a breaker produce a solid.

What subatomic particle has no net charge and is found within the nucleus?


What is the most likely the effect on acid rain on plants?

Damage to the leaves

A block of aluminum has a density of 2.7 g/cm^3 and a volume of 4.0 cm^3. What is the mass of the aluminum?

0.68 g

How many neutrons are most likely found in an atom of radon (Rn)?


Where would an element classified as a nonmetal be most likely found in a periodic table?

Far right.

What density will float when placed in a container of distilled water, which has a density of 1.0 g/mL?

0.64 g/mL

A beaker of liquid containing small, visible particles is observed. From this observation, the contents of the beaker could be best classified as

a suspension