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Elmer decided to take a part-time job at the nursing home because it makes him feel good to help others. Which personal strategy for achieving goals is this?
Identify types of work that make you feel you are making a difference
George decided to take a course in speed-reading so he could read work materials more quickly. Which education strategy for achieving goals is this?
Invest in human capital to increase productivity
Jennifer chose to apply for admission to a school known for admitting students with GPAs similar to hers. Which education strategy for achieving goals is this?
Consider your high school record and performance
Karl went to work as a supermarket checker to help pay his tuition while he was in college. Which strategy for achieving goals is this?
Use jobs to supplement income
After Lorie worked part-time in a shoe store in high school, she planned to go to college to become a teacher. Which strategy for achieving goals is this?
Select jobs for short-time purposes, careers for longer
After graduating with a degree in fashion marketing, Nell accepted a job as a department store salesperson hoping she could work her way up to assistant buyer. Which strategy for achieving goals is this?
Use jobs to serve as stepping-stones to reach career goals
Joan's goal is to earn a few dollars to buy Christmas gifts for her co-workers. Which strategy should she use to accomplish this?
Look for a part-time job to earn extra income
Darren's goals as a teacher assistant are to obtain more authority to plan instruction and earn a higher income. Which strategy should he use to accomplish these goals?
Go back to school to earn a degree and teacher certification
Henry works as a teacher Monday through Friday, then as a table server in a restaurant on weekends. Henry has:
a full-time career and a part-time job.
Which situation illustrates becoming involved in experiences where qualities for success are learned?
Greg decided to join a student organization so he could develop teamwork skills.
Which situation illustrates investing in one's own human capital to increase earnings?
Barry decided to go to college because he wanted to earn a mid- to high-range salary.
The average cost of homes in Asheville is $189,564. The average cost of homes in Lexington is $193,286. This information indicates that the cost of living
in Lexington is probably higher than in Asheville.
How are abilities and career preparation related? Abilities:
provide guidance to the best career options available.
How are educational requirements and career options related? Educational requirements:
-provide criteria that guide career pathways.
A career as a professional athlete involves travel during most of each playing season. This is an example of:
working conditions.
Careers in biotechnology are expected to increase over the next decade. This is an example of:
occupational outlook
Tom was offered $50,000 for his first job as an accountant after graduating from college. This salary represents the:
base salary for this career position.
Which illustrates a recommended strategy for a junior in high school to locate job openings?
Check for job postings on the guidance office bulletin board
Noland included in his resume his educational background, skills learned from paid work experience, and contact information. He also needs to include:
a statement "References furnished upon request"
Which set of words illustrates action verbs recommended for use in resumes?
worked, influenced, developed, solved, produced, created, integrated
Mattie is ready to begin filling out a job application form. What should Mattie do first?
Read the entire form carefully
Rose is getting ready to fill out a job application form. What does she need in order to start?
information on past employment
John is getting ready to fill out a job application form. What does he need in order to start?
-permission to use people as references
Alice finished her cover letter. What should she do next?
-Send to the interviewer by postal mail or electronic attachment to an email
Matt has an interview for an accounting position. What should Matt wear?
Navy blue suit, white shirt, conservative tie
Tina has an interview for a bank teller position. What should Tina wear?
Charcoal pantsuit, white blouse, dress pumps
Nick is wearing a professional suit, tie, and shoes to make a good first impression for his job interview. He wants to wear a new fragrance he just purchased. What should Nick do?
Avoid wearing any fragrance at all