Choice Essay: My Career Choices For Registered Nurse

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My Career Choices
Career choice is an important factor that an individual should decide wisely to avoid future dissatisfactions. A career is the ultimate life choice that a person would be based in his profession. In choosing a right career, it is advisable to select wide range of crease in different fields based on the level of knowhow, skills and interest. An individual has to be passionate about his or her career choices based on the personal strengths and weaknesses. In addition, a person should determine the sorts of subjects and activities that are interesting in the selected career as well as the style of the working environment. Job requirement, potential earnings, and future job outlook and competition determines the type of profession
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The training and education requirements of this program requires either a bachelor’s degrees in nursing or associated degree specializing in programs such as labor and delivery, pediatric , surgery or oncology . I prefer specializing in as pediatrician due to my patience in dealing with children, sympathetic and emotionally stable traits. Registered nurse is a promising career due to its potential earnings and outlook in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (par. 4) by 2022, the employment rate for Registered Nurses (RN) is expected to increase by 19% with increasing salary range, a high rate than the national average for all other careers.
I prefer this career due to its high career outlook prospects ranging from chief nursing officer, clinical nurse manager, patient educator, and nurse anesthetist. In addition, the careers provides conducive working environment where hygiene is observed in either healthcare centers, schools, homes, or office environments. I like undertaking nurse responsibilities such as consulting with health care professions and physicians, treating patients, and performing diagnostic
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I like this career because its demand is not high, a factor that promises job stability. In addition, my personality of assisting people to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of others convince me to be a therapist. I like the working environment because it allows me to choose the types of patients I would like to treat at specific conditions. I have an interest in learning the programs such as advanced respiratory precaution techniques comprising of adult and neonatal special care measures and pharmacology. Same as registered nurse, respiratory therapist is expected to increase by 19% by 2022 (Bureau of Labor Statistics par. 8)
Physical Therapist falls at number 3 in my TOP 5 career list. I like this profession due to its significance in reducing patient pain while seeking treatment to restore or improve their mobility. I like doing exercises and has greatly assisted in solving muscle problems without u the use of medications or surgery. It is not hard to become a therapist once you are licensed with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. I like the working environment of this profession doing all activities in hospitals, private clinics and offices, and nursing

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