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What are the tell-tale signs of bomb or IED?

Many stamps

Improper address

Wire sticking out and

Ticking sound

Oil stain

What cannot you do to a parcel suspected to be a bomb?

Cannot touch

Move or


What is your responsibility when doing your patrol?

To safe life and to protect property

To make the place safe and secure

What should you do when you cannot complete your work schedule?

Inform my Supervisor and tell the reason why

What do you do for the security of the building if the security lights are not working?

Increase patrol

Name two types of patrol?

Foot patrol

Bicycle patrol

What is the purpose of the CCTV cameras?

To monitor the movement of people and vehicle in sensitive areas

Name two tell-tale signs of breaches of security?

CCTV camera damage

Broken doors and windows

Why do you need to use call sign when communicating with a Walkie-Talkie?

So that outsiders do not know who we talk to.

When you receive a message and the message is not clear, what must you do?

I will ask the caller to repeat the message.

Who must you send the Incident Report to?



One copy for filling

What is your organisation format for an Incident Report?

Can be hand written or typed

Name three important pieces of information that must be written in an Incident Report?

Date, time and location

Inject: Bomb

I will open all the windows and doors to minimise casualties.

Inject: Anthrax

Swith off all air con and fan

Close all windows and door

Put a towel to cover the parcel

How do you monitor the movement of a vehicle?

By recording the Vehicle Registration Number in the Vehicle Movement Book

What is the purpose of a work schedule?

To let me know my duty in my shift

How do you greet a VIP?

The same as I greet any other person

What is the document used to identify a visitor?

Photo ID, S-pass, Work Permit, passport

What is the purpose of the Hand Held Metal Detector?

To detect metal object hidden on the person.

What is the purpose of a Key Control System?

Is to monitor the movement of keys.

What would you do if the goods brought in by the delivery man do not tally with the delivery order?

I will ask for the correct delivery order.

If you see a man smoking at the "No Smoking" sign, what must you do?

I will tell him to stop smoking politely. I will record his particulars in my pocket book and inform Supervisor, Management and update Occurrence Book and put up Incident Report.

What must you do if electronically operated vehicles barrier is not working?

I will withdraw the key. Operate it manually and report to Maintenance and record in the Occurrence Book.

Why is it important to check goods brought in by Contractors or Visitors?

To prevent illegal or suspicious items being brought into the premises.

What must you do if you found a parcel suspected to be a bomb?

I will switch off all my communication equipment, cordon the area about 100meters radius, inform Supervisor, Management and call the Police.

Why is it important that you must recognise your Management Staff?

To have good working relationship and easy to report incident direct to management.

What is the purpose of an Entry Pass for Visitors?

To allow the Visitor entry and make sure he leaves the premises

What are the tell-tale signs of biological hazards?

Many stamps

Improper address

Traces of powder on the letter

How promptly must you pick up the phone?

Within 3 rings

What do you say to someone who had made a wrong call?

Sorry Sir, you have called the wrong number.

Before you transfer the call to your Manager, what must you do?

Check with him first whether he wants to take the call.

When answering emergency call, why you must remain cool and calm?

Try and get more information.

Who can you refer to the call from the reporter?

To PR Manager or HR Manager

Where do you keep a found item?

In a safe place under lock and key.

Name two types of information you cannot reveal to a reporter or an outsider?

Patrol Route

Location of CCTV

Why are you not allowed to make personal calls from the phone in the guard house?

It is for official use of emergency purpose.

Name two emergency numbers listed in the telephone directory?

999 (Police) 995 (SCDF)

What is the non-emergency number for an Ambulance?