Essay On Handling Injuries

Guidelines for Handling Injuries/Illnesses Medical Emergencies
When an employee is sick or injured to the extent that emergency assistance is obviously required, follow the steps listed below.
1) Notify the plant dispensary at extension #11255.
2) Notify the Safety Engineer at extension #11227.
3) Call security by radio or by dialing “0” on the phone and inform them that an ambulance is needed. If there is someone trained in first aid at the scene, that person may begin to administer first aid to the ill/injured party.
4) If security can not be reached, call the ambulance yourself. This can be done by dialing “8-911”. Give the dispatcher as much information as possible. Let the dispatcher hang up first.
5) Send someone to the entry to
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The injured party is only to be moved by qualified medical personnel unless there is an immediate potential of sustaining greater injury such as death. Non-Emergency Situations
An EMT-B will be onsite at all times located in the Dispensary. In a non-emergent situation the ill/injured employee must report their condition to their supervisor. When an illness is reported, the employee will be sent to the dispensary and the supervisor will fill out the first section of the Supervisor’s Accident Report and send it with the employee to the dispensary. The supervisor will contact the Safety Department and a thorough investigation must be completed. After the investigation is complete, the Safety Department will determine if it is work related. All injuries will be documented in accordance with OSHA 1904.7. The Safety Manager will maintain all OSHA documents including OSH 300 and OSH 301. If the injury is work related but not a recordable injury, the injury will be documented to calculate First Aid Incident Rate (FAIR).
If an alleged work related injury involves the loss of an eye, amputation, hospitalization, and/or death the Safety Manager will be responsible for contacting the local OSHA

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