Guidelines For Handling Emerjuries And Illness?

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Guidelines for Handling Injuries/Illnesses Medical Emergencies
When an employee is sick or injured to the extent that emergency assistance is obviously required, follow the steps listed below.
1) Notify the plant dispensary at extension #11255.
2) Notify the Safety Engineer at extension #11227.
3) Call security by radio or by dialing “0” on the phone and inform them that an ambulance is needed. If there is someone trained in first aid at the scene, that person may begin to administer first aid to the ill/injured party.
4) If security can not be reached, call the ambulance yourself. This can be done by dialing “8-911”. Give the dispatcher as much information as possible. Let the dispatcher hang up first.
5) Send someone to the entry to
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Many materials are handled and moved through the use of fork trucks. Only employees who have been properly trained in accordance with OSHA guidelines and regulations will be allowed to operate a Powered Industrial Truck. This includes JLGs, Sizzor Lift, Fork Truck, Bobcat, etc. All operators will be retrained at intervals not to exceed every 3 years.
Global Harmonized System/GHS
OSHA requires all employers to communicate information to their employees regarding exposure to hazardous materials. This is the basis of the Hazard Communication Standard. Key points of the standard are as follows: Physical and Health Hazards Physical hazards are those that relate to a material’s physical properties such as flammability or reactivity.
Health hazards are those that relate to the negative effects of exposure to a certain substance. Health effects can be either acute or chronic:
• Acute – effects show up right away.
• Chronic – effects that usually take a long time to develop.
The primary routes of entry into the body are inhalation, ingestion, and skin/eye contact. Safety Data Sheets Each SDS must contain sixteen basic sections of
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The Inspector shall be brought to the Safety Manager for a pre-inspection conference. Inspections are to be carried out during regular working hours and performed in a manner that avoids unreasonable disruption. Consideration will be given to circumstances that will require a search warrant, letter of protest, limited access, etc. When the basic purpose of the visit is known, the Safety Manager or designated representative must immediately contact the Director – Human Resources or the Manager – Human Resources, who will advise the Dalton Enterprise Legal Department of the inspection. Remember, that it is the policy of Dalton Enterprises to be cordial with all Agency

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