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The man is sad.
Inini gashkendam.
The woman is sad.
Ikwe gashkendam.
The boy is sad.
Gwiiwizens gashkendam.
The girl is sad.
Ikwezens gashkendam.
The man is mad.
Inini nishkaadizi.
The woman is mad.
Ikwe nishkaadizi.
The boy is mad.
Gwiiwizens nishkaadizi.
The girl is mad.
Ikwezens nishkaadizi.
The man is sleepy.
Inini noondenibaa.
The woman is sleepy.
Ikwe noondenibaa.
The boy is sleepy.
Gwiiwizens noondenibaa.
The girl is sleepy.
Ikwezens noondenibaa.
The man is tired.
Inini ayekozi.
The woman is tired.
Ikwe ayekozi.
The boy is tired.
Gwiiwizens ayekozi.
The girl is tired.
Ikwezens ayekozi.
The man is crazy.
Inini giiwanaadizi.
The woman is crazy.
Ikwe giiwanaadizi.
The boy is crazy.
Gwiiwizens giiwanaadizi.
The girl is crazy.
Ikwezens giiwanaadizi.
The man is sweating.
Inini abwezo.
The woman is sweating.
Ikwe abwezo.
The boy is sweating.
Gwiiwizens abwezo.
The girl is sweating.
Ikwezens abwezo.
The man is thirsty.
Inini noondeminikwe.
The woman is thirsty.
Ikwe noondeminikwe.
The boy is thirsty.
Gwiiwizens noondeminikwe.
The girl is thirsty.
Ikwezens noondeminikwe.
The man is scared.
Inini zegizi.
The woman is scared.
Ikwe zegizi.
The boy is scared.
Gwiiwizens zegizi.
The girl is scared.
Ikwezens zegizi.
The man is hurting.
Inini wiisagendam.
The woman is hurting.
Ikwe wiisagendam.
The boy is hurting.
Gwiiwizens wiisagendam.
The girl is hurting.
Ikwezens wiisagendam.
The man is bashful.
Inini agaji.
The woman is bashful.
Ikwe agaji.
The boy is bashful.
Gwiiwizens agaji.
The girl is bashful.
Ikwezens agaji.
The man is glad.
Inini minwendam.
The woman is glad.
Ikwe minwendam.
The boy is glad.
Gwiiwizens minwendam.
The girl is glad.
Ikwezens minwendam.
The man is well.
Inini mino-ayaa.
The woman is well.
Ikwe mino-ayaa.
The boy is well.
Gwiiwizens mino-ayaa.
The girl is well.
Ikwezens mino-ayaa.
The man is warm.
Inini giizhoozi.
The woman is warm.
Ikwe giizhoozi.
The boy is warm.
Gwiiwizens giizhoozi.
The girl is warm.
Ikwezens giizhoozi.
The man is cold.
Inini giikaji.
The woman is cold.
Ikwe giikaji.
The boy is cold.
Gwiiwizens giikaji.
The girl is cold.
Ikwezens giikaji.
The man is sick.
Inini aakozi.
The woman is sick.
Ikwe aakozi.
The boy is sick.
Gwiiwizens aakozi.
The girl is sick.
Ikwezens aakozi.
The man is sorry.
Inini maanendam.
The woman is sorry.
Ikwe maanendam.
The boy is sorry.
Gwiiwizens maanendam.
The girl is sorry.
Ikwezens maanendam.
The man is afraid.
Inini gotaaji.
The woman is afraid.
Ikwe gotaaji.
The boy is afraid.
Gwiiwizens gotaaji.
The girl is afraid.
Ikwezens gotaaji.
The man is lazy.
Inini gitimi.
The woman is lazy.
Ikwe gitimi.
The boy is lazy.
Gwiiwizens gitimi.
The girl is lazy.
Ikwezens gitimi.
The man is feeling down.
Inini goopadendam.
The woman is feeling down.
Ikwe goopadendam.
The boy is feeling down.
Gwiiwizens goopadendam.
The girl is feeling down.
Ikwezens goopadendam.
The man is jealous.
Inini doondendam.
The woman is jealous.
Ikwe doondendam.
The boy is jealous.
Gwiiwizens doondendam.
The girl is jealous.
Ikwezens doondendam.
The man is happy.
Inini jiikendam.
The woman is happy.
Ikwe jiikendam.
The boy is happy.
Gwiiwizens jiikendam.
The girl is happy.
Ikwezens jiikendam.
The man is harvesting wild rice.
Inini manoominike.
The woman is harvesting wild rice.
Ikwe manoominike.
The boy is harvesting wild rice.
Gwiiwizens manoominike.
The girl is harvesting wild rice.
Ikwezens manoominike.
The man is knocking rice.
Inini bawa'am.
The woman is knocking wild rice.
Ikwe bawa'am.
The boy is knocking wild rice.
Gwiiwizens bawa'am.
The girl is knocking wild rice.
Ikwezens bawa'am.
The man is dancing on the wild rice.
Inini bawishkam.
The woman is dancing on the wild rice.
Ikwe bawishkam.
The boy is dancing on the wild rice.
Gwiiwizens bawishkam.
The girl is dancing on the wild rice.
Ikwezens bawishkam.
The man is parching the wild rice.
Inini gaapizige.
The woman is parching the wild rice.
Ikwe gaapizige.
The boy is parching the wild rice.
Gwiiwizens gaapizige.
The girl is parching the wild rice.
Ikwezens gaapizige.
The man is fanning the wild rice.
Inini nooshkaachige.
The woman is fanning the wild rice.
Ikwe nooshkaachige.
The boy is fanning the wild rice.
Gwiiwizens nooshkaachige.
The girl is fanning the wild rice.
Ikwezens nooshkaachige.