Theme Of Ibo Expressions In Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe

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The novel « Things Fall Apart » by Chinua Achebe is written in English. However, there are some Ibo expressions set in this novel to introduce the reader’s mind into a more authentic and unique African atmosphere. The author, Chinua Achebe, is the first to write a novel about colonialism in the perspective of a colonized tribe from within. Furthermore, he is the only African who has ever described the African culture before and after the settlement of the Christians. This essay will examine how the Ibo expressions are used in the novel and what kind of effect they have on its audience.

Chinua Achebe uses different linguistic forms such as Ibo expressions, or proverbs than writers like Joseph Conrad. Furthermore, Achebe writes also in the point of view of the colonized country,
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Furthermore, “a language is not just a way to talk with another person; it reflects cultural information as well, it is the embodiment of the speakers’ point of view.” The following sentence from the novel “Things Fall Apart” supports the statement: ”And this faith had been strengthened when a year or so ago a medicine man had dug up Ezinma’s iyi-uwa.”. Whereas, the expression iyi-uwa can’t be simple translated into the colonialist language, and therefore, demonstrates the reflection of cultural information. In addition, this displays how the author tries to bridge this cultural divide between the Christians and the Ibo people by introducing these few Ibo expressions to broaden the audience’s minds. However, this novel was written a long time after the settlement of the Christians, and the fact that it shows only traces of the original language spoken in this Nigerian region, indicates how far the settlers have suppressed the Ibo language. Therefore, the author intended the audience to notice these little fragments

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