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A divice that determines the distance of an object that is underwater by recording echoes of sound waves
Food web
The feeding relationship in a habitat
Abyssal plain
A smooth, nearly flat region of the deep ocean floor and is made up by remains of dead animals
The farming of saltwater and freshwater organisms
A ring- shaped coral reef that surronds a shallow lagoon
organisms that live on the bottom of the ocean floor that can move to point a to point b but can not swim in the open ocean
The production of light by living things
Continental shelf
A gently sloping, shallow area of the ocean floor that extends outward from the edge of the continent
Continental slope
A steep incline of the ocean floor leading down from the edge of the continental shelf
Coral reef
A structure of calcite skeletons that build up by coral animals in warm, shallow ocean water
A coastal inlet or bay where fresh water from rivers mixes in with salty ocean water
hydrothermal vent
A area where ocean water sinks through cracks and is reheated by underlying magma, and rises up through cracks
Free swimming animals that can move throughout the water column
A lump on the ocean floor that forms when metals such as manganese builds up around pieces of shell
A scientist who studies Earth's oceans
Open ocean zone
The deepest darkest area of the ocean beyond the continental shelf
Tiny algae that and animals that float in the water and are carried by waves and currents
The total amount of dissolved salts in a water sample
A underwater vehicle that is built with strong materials to resist pressure
A deep, steep sided canyon in the ocean floor
The movement of cold water upward from the deep ocean that is caused by wind
Kelp forest
Are found in cold neritic waters and they float standing straight because of air bladders