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Freud - 5 Psychosexual stages
Oral (0-1)
Anal (2-3)
Phallic/Oedipal (3-6)
Latency (6-11)
Puberty-Genital (12-18)
Freud - Structural Theory
Three internal structures guide personality functioning
Seat of primitive drives and instinctual needs
Impulsive behavior; Primary process thinking; Unconscious; Discharges tension
Mediator between drives (id) and external reality
Moderates conflict between drives and internalized prohibitions
Adaptive capacity in relation to external reality

regulates between the id and superego - superego wants to be socially acceptable while id wants self-gratification
- Reality testing
- Judgement
- Modulating and controlling impulses
- Modulating affect
- Object relations
- Regulate self-esteem
- Mastering developmental challenges
conscience, ego ideals, spiritual goals - seek for perfection
Uses internal and external rewards or punishments to control and regulate id impulses
Freud - Unconscious
Thoughts, feelings, desires and memories of which we are unaware
shameful experiences, immoral urges, selfish needs, fears, etc.
Freud - Preconscious
Thoughts and feelings which can be brought into the consciousness easily
memories, stored knowledge
Freud - Conscious
Mental activities of which we are fully aware
Thoughts and perceptions