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What significance did Lavinia Dock have in nursing history?
-pioneer in community health nursing
-established Henry Street Settlement w/Lillian Wald and Mary Brewster
What are the eight ethical principles?
justice, beneficence, autonomy, nonmaleficence, veracity, fidelity, confidentiality, and ethics.
What is justice?
the right to be treated equally
What is beneficence?
the obligation to do good and avoid harm
What is autonomy?
the right to self determination, freedom, and independence
What is meant by the term nonmaleficence?
the obligation to not create or inflict harm on others
What is veracity?
the obligation to be honest and not deceptive
What is meant by the term fidelity?
the obligation to be faithful to a commitment
Confidentiality is _______ ___ ___ _________.
owed to the patient.
What is meant by ethics in regards to nursing?
that the nurse's personal beliefs not interfere w/patient care
What is ERISA?
Employee Retirement Income Security Act
What does the Freedom of Information Act stipulate?
gives people the right to obtain info from governement and public entities by requesting it in writing.
-followed by Privacy Act of '74
What are the 4 elements of malpratice?
Duty. Breach of Duty. Proimate cause. Damages.
What is functional nursing?
-tasks are grouped and assigned to save time
-disadvantages: no continuity of care, fragmentation of care
-objective is to get the job done w/out regard to nurse or client satisfaction
Who was Louise de Gras?
-first superintendent of Sisters of Charity (founded by St. Vincent de Paul)
-established the first nursing education program