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Avoid storing bearings in temperatures above...
Never lubricate electrical machinery with...
a grease gun
Measure bearing clearance using a...
feeler gage
When bearing is disassembled, use______to measure bearing clearance
lead wire or plastigage
Do not use___for bearing alignment
plastic chocks
3 types of bearing alignments
Position a feeler betweej the bearing and the journal at a______angle from the parting line
45° or greater
Thrust bearings transmit....
axial thrust
The most common problem in thrust bearings is....
shaft hunting
Stern tube and strut bearings use_____for lubrication and cooling
Stave bearings are also known as...
cuttless bearings
At low shaft speed rubber stave bearings tent to experience a phenomenon knowns as....
To take clearance of stave bearings, insert feeler gage....
4 to 6 inches into the bearing on both forward and aft ends
"Dezincification" happens in stave bearings when...
zinc leaches out of the brass on brass to rubber surfaces
If staves will not fit into the slot....
immerse them in cold water for 30 minutes
Maximum storage life for bearing staves prior to installation
3 years

Take measurement stock rudder bearings with a....

dial gage

To avoid damage to the inflatable seal, do not exceed....
125 psig
Do not inflate shaft seal while...
shaft is rotating
Shaft seal air is hooked up to...
CO2 or ships Low Pressure Air