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What is Harris' definition of the NT?
A collection of 27 Koine Greek documents that early Christians appended to a Greek edition of the Hebrew Bible
Who is the central character of the NT?
Where does the NT take place?
Around the Palestine area
What is the Septuagint?
The Greek edition of the Hebrew Bible.
What does the word Bible mean?
Comes from the word biblia, which means "little books."
What does the word scripture mean?
A writing or collection of documents that a religion holds to be sacred and binding upon its adherents.
What is the Hebrew Bible?
A collection of Jewish sacred writings, written in Hebrew, that Christians now call the Old Testament.
What does Messiah mean?
Means Anointed One, and applies to kings or priests of Israel.
Means vow, agreement, or contract between two parties.
What does Yahweh mean?
A translation of the sacred name of Israel's God
What is the Torah?
The Pentateuch, first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible,
What is the original language of the NT?
Koine Greek
What are the 4 NT literary forms?
The Gospels, The account of the early church, the letters, and the apocalypse book
What is the apocalypse?
A literary form that discloses spiritual truths that are normally hidden, about the future or invisible world of spiritual beings
What is eschatology?
The study of the world's end
What is the oldest book of the NT?
1 Thessalonians
What is the Gospel of Thomas?
And its significance.
A gospel that contained 114 sayings of Jesus.
What does the word canon mean?
A list of books a religious community finds sacred and authoritative.
What time period were the NT books written?
50-140 AD.
What is the significance of Athanasius’s Easter Letter of 367?
It included the final 27 books and the order in which we know them today.
Are there any copies of the original text of the NT?
Describe the Variety of Gospels.
The many Gospels that were written were all written about Jesus' teachings and His life and at first most churches used only one Gospel rather that the four we know today.
What is the Vulgate?
It is the translation of the Bible into Latin.
Who is Marcion? And what is his significance with the OT?
He was a wealthy Greek shipbuilder who suggested that we should get rid of the Hebrew Bible completely and replace it with a revised version of Luke's Gospel and Paul's letters.
What is gnosticism?
A diverse set of beliefs and practices that express a strong mystical attitude toward human existence and that an enlightened believer gets his salvation through heavenly truths.
What is the oldest surviving fragment of the NT and its date?
A small fragment of the Gospel of John, dated 125 CE.
What was Diocletian's role in preserving NT texts?
He tried to destroy Christianity by burning Christian books.
What was Constantine's role in preserving NT texts?
He advocated for the productivity of Christian texts, seeing as he was a Christian emperor.
What is a codex?
A manuscript book of an ancient biblical text.
What is codex sinaiticus?
A manuscript that contains the entire NT, and some extras, and most of the Greek OT.
What is codex vaticanus?
It is an older NT manuscript but lacks Hebrews and some Pauline letters.
What roles did Bede, Wycliffe, Gutenberg, and Tyndale play in creating English versions of the Bible?
Bede 1st to translate parts of the Bible into English
Wycliffe translated both the NT and OT into english
Gutenberg invented the printing press
Tyndale translated the Bible directly from Hebrew and Greek to English
What is the significance of the KJV Bible?
It was commissioned by James 1 for official use of te Anglican Church.
What are the four major parts of Judaism?
Monotheism, the Torah, Divine Covenant, and the Temple
What is Shema?
The Jewish declaration of their monotheistic faith.
What is YHWH?
It was the abbreviation of Yahweh.
What is monotheism?
The belief that there is only one god.
What is Hebrew Temple and how many were there, and where were they?
The Hebrew Temple, was where the Jews believed that God lived and there was only one and it was located in Jerusalem
What is Yom Kippur?
Is an annual Jewish observance where the High Priest would offer a sacrifice to atone for the sins of the Jewish people.
Who are the Samaritans?
A group of Jews whom other groups of Jews do not like and have their own temple and version of the Torah.
Who are the Essenes (Qumran)?
A Jewish community that found the Dead Sea Scrolls ad it is also believed that John the Baptist belonged to this group.
Who are the Zealots?
A Jewish community that is dedicated to freeing Judea from foreigners, believed that Simon Peter was apart of this group.
What is the Academy of Jamnia?
An assembly of rabbis and pharisees that helped guide Judaism after Rome took over Jerusalem and its Temple.
Who are the Sadducees?
A Jewish group that was made up of wealthy and politically influential landowners.
Who are the Pharisees?
A Jewish group that gets their name from from Hebrew that means to separate, because their views were that of a separatist view of life.