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What does the NCO’s digital signature mean?

Verification of the accuracy of the administrative data in part 1, to include non rated time; the rating officials in part 2; the APFT and height and weight data; and that the rated soldier has seen the completed report.

Does the rated NCO’s digital signature mean that the rated and NCO approves of the bullets and comments in the NCOER?

NO! What is a rating shame?

What is a rating scheme?

Published rating chain of the NCO’s rating officials.

List seven types of NCOER’s?

1. Annual

2. Change of Rater

3. Relief for a cause

4. Complete the record

5. 60 day rater option

6. 60 day senior raider option

7. Temporary duty, special duty, and/or compassional reassignment

What are the two forms used for the NCOER?

1. 2166-8 NCO Evaluation report

2. 2166-8-1 NCO counseling and support form.

What are the six categories under part 4 - Army values/attributes/skills/actions?

1. Army values

2. Competence

3. Physical fitness and military bearing

4. Training

5. Leadership

6. Responsibility and accountability

What is the purpose of the NCO counseling and support form?

Used by rater to prepare for, conduct, and record results of performance counseling with the rated NCO.

What is the purpose of an NCOER?

To provide the DA with a performance and potential assessment of a related rated NCO to be used for school selection/promotion/assignments/MOS classification/CSM designation.

How many versions is there under the NCOER?


How would a rated NCO address errors, bias, injustice of their evaluation and have them corrected?

Evaluation report redress program

What are the five parts (sections) of an NCOER?

Part 1: administrative data

Part 2: Authentication

Part 3. Duty description

Part 4. Army values/attributes/skills/actions

Part 5: overall performance and potential

What are the three versions of the NCOER?

1. Direct level- SGT

2. Organizational level - SSG through MSG/ 1SG

3. Strategic level

Who does the rating chain of command consist of?

1. Rated NCO

2. Rater

3. Senior Rater

4. Rater

What are the a evaluation categories for each version of the NCOER?

1. Direct level:

2. Met standard

3. Did not met standard