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3 Modern Era Musicians
1. Copeland
2. Beirnstein
3. Debussy
The distance in pitch between two notes sounded consecutively. Melodies contain a succession of these
The most comfortable singing range
A childs singing voice is ______________ and _____________ in tone.
light and clear
what are the 4 major families of instruments in a symphony orchestra
1. strings
2. percussion
3. woodwinds
4. brass
what are 4 basic instruments in the string family
1. violin
2. cello
3. viola
4. double bass
and (harp)
The smaller the instrument the _______ the pitch.
What are the 4 major instruments of the brass family?
1. trumpet
2. trumbone
3. french horn
4. tuba
All instruments in the brass family have VALVES to change the PITCH except for the _______________.
Trombone- instead of valves, the slide is pushed out or pulled in
The woodwind family contains which seven members?
1. piccolo
2. flute
3. clarinet
4. oboe
5. english horn
6. bassoon
7. contrabassoon
the woodwind family is divided into which 3 groups
1. single-reed
2. double- reed
3. no-reed
Different sounds are produced by the woodwind family by _____________.
opening or closing holes
the smallest/highest of the woodwind family is the __________.
Any surface that is struck is considered to be ___________-.
percussive (a percussion instrument)
Percussion instruments can be categorized as having ______ or ____________.
definite or indefinite pitch
Examples of some percussion instruments found in the orchestra are:
1. bass drum
2. chimes/tubular bells
3. snare drum
4. cymbals
5. triangle
6. piano
Name 3 composers during the Romantic era
1. Chopin
2. Brahms
3. Schoebert
(Beethoven's later music)
Name 2 classical era composers:
1. Mozart
2. Hayden
(Beethoven's early music)
What was the style of music in the classic era?
simple, cool, controlled
refined; looked for symmetry
Name 2 primary composers during the Baroque period:
1. Bach
2. Handel
What was the music like in the baroque period?
loud and massive
Who was the primary composer (Italian) during the Renaissance?
What is the order of the musical periods in history? (7)
1. Ancient
2. Medieval
3. Renaissance
4. Baroque
5. Classic
6. Romantic
7. Modern
A succession of chords that support a melody
homophonic texture
when two or more independent melodic lines sound simultaneously causing harmony to result.
means "many voices"
polyphonic texture
Music that consists of a single, unaccompanied melodic line
means "one voice"
monophonic texture
What are the three musical textures?
1.Monophonic texture
2. Polyphonic texture
3. Homophonic texture
A passage added to the interior of a composition; it connects one section to another more smoothly than would occur if it were absent
a passage added to the last major section of a form
passage that occurs before the major sections of a form. It may be used to set the tempo, mood, or key of the musical work
What are the 4 criteria for determining the number of phrases?
1. Phrases are usually 4 measures long
2. They are generally consistent
3. They often begin alike
4. Phrases usually end with a rest or a held note
What are the 6 types of forms?
1. one part form- A
2. binary form- AB
3. Ternary form- ABA
4. Rondeau- ABACABA
5. Immitative- 1.-----
6. Theme and variations- a1 a2 a3
Phrases are usually _____ measures in length.
a musical line that contains a coherent grouping of pitches, similar to a sentence that contains a coherent grouping of words
a chord containing four pitches
seventh chord
what the names of all 7 chords?
I. tonic
II. super tonic
III. Mediant
IV. subdominant
V. dominant
VI. submediant
VII. leading tone
What is the name for the first chord?
What is the name for the 2nd chord?
super tonic
What is the name for the 3rd chord?
what is the name for the 4th chord?
what is the name for the 5th chord?
what is the name for the 6th chord?
what is the name for the 7th chord?
leading tone
secondary chords are used to add...
color and interest to a song
What are the secondary chords?
All remaining chords besides the primary chords
2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th
What are the primary chords?
the most important chords
1st, 4th, and 5th
A chord containing three notes, including a root, a third and a fifth
Harmonic interval
in which two pitches are sounded together
What is the simultaneously sounding of three or more differnet pitches?
What results when a melody is accompanied with a pitch instrument such as an autoharp or the piano?
when singing the human voice moves through different positions of the vocal range known as
lighter vocal register is governed by a set of throat muscles that control the vocal mechanism for upper register singing
head register
heavier vocal register is governed by a different set of throat muscles that control lower register singing
chest register
which register should be used for children's voices because of the high flute like quality
head register
what are physical characteristics of good singing
posture, breathing, articulation
What is the child's voice range?
Low C to high F
lowest sounding instrument in the orchestra
different melodies that can be sung together
partner songs
may have any number of A's depending on the number of stanzas in the poem
compositions is sometimes repeated again and again, but it alters in different ways for each succeeding repetition
theme and variation
what is a 8th interval also called