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Parts of a Use Case

-Use Case Name

-Use Case Description

-Use Case Trigger



-Activity Flow



What is a Precondition?

Precondition are statement that must be true before the function is called/ can be applied.

What is a Postcondition?

Postcondition is a statement that indicated what will be true when the function finishes work.

What is an Exception Condition?

Covers when things go wrong with the flow of activities. Errors

What does CRUD stand for?

Create, Read, Update, and Delete

CRUD Diagram includes


List Entities

List of Use Cases

Difference between an actor and an entity?

An Actor models a type of role played by an entity that interacts with the subject

What is the purpose of the CRUD Diagram?

it’s a verification step; did I create this entity somewhere in one of these use cases, where I see a read somewhere. Not used to generate new use cases!

What are the different types of logical relationships?

One to One

One to Many

Many to Many

What are the different types of physical relationships?

One to One

One to Many

What is Normalization?

Its a system to improve data integrity and get rid of data redundancy

What is a story board?

Pictures used to display the UI steps of the project

What does Usability mean?

Easy to Use

Easy to Learn

What are the different kinds of Architecture?




What are the different kinds of services?

SaaS (Software as a service)

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)

PaaS (Planform as a service)

What is SaaS?

Google Apps, Facebook, software in general

What is IaaS?

Cloud based technology. Virtualization layers. Amazon is a big contributor of this

What is PaaS?

Sales Force's Using computing platforms as a service, usually operating systems of sorts.