Fundamental Principle Of Cloud Computing

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According to the article, A History of cloud Computing, the fundamental principle of cloud computing is that to “encourage and promote virtual work environment over the existing physical one.” This principle followed for public cloud computing as well. The only difference between public and private is that public cloud is an open system. Therefore, anybody from anywhere in this world can access the storage or software that is available for free or pay a small subscription fee. Another difference is that it only focuses on public than concentrating on selective individuals around the world.
The public cloud computing is divided into three distinct categories or three distinct services. The categories are: IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service),
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On the left chart shows the different levels of public cloud services. On the right chart shows the amount of people using each services. SaaS is used very frequently by many users around the world by accessing an application on a web page. IaaS is very hard and difficult to implement. Therefore, it is only used by elite group who knows how to use this service very effectively. ("”
These were the basic layers of public cloud computing services that can be found in cloud computing and private cloud computing. The only difference is that all these fundamental services are open to the general public. On the other hand, there are special services that specifically belong to public cloud computing. These services are:
 Severless computing/ function as a service – this service meets up to the real requirement of PaaS. This service focuses on code instead of its infrastructure which enables developers to write “modular function that do one and only one task at a time.” These gives an aid to developers who are looking for creating a meaningful and complex application. This also aid the developers to pick language, framework, and runtime of their choice. This kind of architecture gives an opportunity for the developer to deliver a really effective application. This service is becoming very popular while creating a public cloud
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Organizations are getting ready implement containers alongside virtual machines. However, new categories that are recently emerged where it can benefit those who want to deploy their service in public cloud computing. These new categories are: “container management, orchestration, security, logging, monitoring are evolving in this space.” It is believed that Container as a Service will be fastest growing delivery model in the public cloud as mainstream and containerized workload becomes mainstream.

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