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what ar covers military justice?
ar 27-10
does a peron have to accept an article 15?
no, they have the right to trial by court martial
what type of extra duty is an NCO given by an article 15?
supervisory duty only
what is the UCMJ?
uniform code of military justice. (the statue that precribes criminal law for soldiers)
how many articles are there in the ucmj?
146 but there are 12 sub articles so actually 158 articles in the ucmj
when was the UCMJ enacted?
in 1950
what is a field grade article 15?
an article 15 imposed by an 04 or above
who may impose an article 15?
any commanding officer including a warrant office exercising command
what does the UCMJ establish?
it declares what conduct is a crime, establishes the various types of courts and sets fourth the basic procedures to be followed in the administration of military justice
what are the 3 classifications of article 15's?
company grade
field grade
what form is used to record summarized article 15 proceedings?
DA form 2627-1
what articles 77-134 in the ucmj known as?
punitive articles
what are the 3 types of court martial?
what are the maximum punishments that company commanders may impose?
14 days extra duty
14 days restriction
7 days correctional custody
7 days forfeiture of pay
1 grade reduction e4 and below
oral or written repremaind
who is the highest military court?
the court of military appeals
what makes up the court of military appeals?
appointed by the us president it was originally made up of 3 civilian judges however, in october 1990 congress increased it to 5
what is one circumstance when a soldier does not have the right to refuse and article 15 and demand a trial by court martial?
when aboard a ship
what rights are given to a soldier under article 31?
the right to remain silent, right to an attorney adn right to demand trial