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What regulations covers wear and appearance of the army uniforms and insignia

AR 670-1

What is a decoration

A distinctly designed badge of honor denoting heroism or meritorious outstanding service or achievement for individuals and units

What is engraved on the revere side of the medal of honor

The grade, name, and organization of the awardee

Good conduct medal

Every three years

Ribbon for graduation initial training

The army service ribbon

Are portions of AR670-1 punitive


Can commander or 1sg require individuals to purchase required uniform items

Yes they can require the purchase of current issues items of TA50

Are hair and fingernail grooming standard punitive under UCMJ


How can leaders judge the appropriateness of a particular hairstyle

By the appearance of headgear when worn

For males, what appearance must the hair present

A tapered appearance

What does IPFU stand for?

Improved physical fitness uniform

What socks are approved with IPFU

Calf length or ankle Length plain white or black with no logo

What is the only insignia authorized for wear on the IPFU

The physical fitness badge


Trimmed to not extend beyond fingertips

Girls fingernails

No longer then a 1/4 in from ringer tips

What AR covers military awards

AR 600-8-22

What is an accoutrements

The devices you wear on awards and ribbons denoting more than one

What do you wear on good conduct medal

Knots for each after two aka two awards equals two knots

Parachute badge may be revoked if

They refuse to jump which leads to UCMJ

What type of jewelry is authorized for wear

No more than 2 rings, watch, wrist id bracelet, no body piercing, earnings for females only in ASU’s