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When preparing your business plan, it is often helpful to consult with an _________ to prepare your financial documents.
Another name for an individual owner with complete control of a business is:
Sole proprietor
Supplies used in the daily business operation are considered:
Consumption supplies
Supplies purchased by a salon with the intention of selling these products to clients are:
Retail supplies
When planning and constructing the best physical layout for a salon, the primary concern should be:
Maximum efficiency
It should always be your top priority to meet which financial priority?
What is considered the very best form of advertising for a salon?
Satisfied clients
A(n) ________ is a benchmark that, once achieved, helps you realize your mission and your vision.
When choosing a location for your business, you should select one that:
Offers easy access
What is the minimum number of stockholders allowed for a corporation to exist?
If you operate your salon in a building that you own, it is recommended that you purchase all BUT which insurance?
Renter's insurance
Which of these terms refers to your staff or employees?
Human resources covers all BUT:
What you should do when you need to increase sales
Booking appointments is primarily whose job?
The receptionist
The first goal of every business should be to:
Maintain current clients
Which part of a business plan outlines management levels and describes how the business will be run?
Organizational Plan
Which part of a business plan summarizes your plan and states your objectives?
Executive Summary
Which part of a business plan includes projected financial statements, actual statements, and financial statement analyses?
Financial Documents
Which part of a business plan ensures that all clients and employees are treated fairly and consistently?
Salon Policies
Which part of a business plan is a long-term picture of what the business is to become and what it will look like when it gets there?
Vision Statement
Which part of a business plan outlines all of the research obtained regarding the clients your business will target and their needs, wants and habits?
Marketing Plan
Which part of a business plan includes the owners' resume, personal financial information, legal contracts and any other agreements?
Supporting Documents
Which part of a business plan is a description of the key strategic influences of the business?
Mission Statement
An agreement to buy an established salon should include all BUT:
An agreement on future maintenance costs
Costs to create even a small salon in an existing space can range from ________ per square foot.