School Of Cosmetology Case Study

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Mikaela Velasquez
BUS 101
Categories and Q’s

N. O. P. S. C. Studio 121- School of Cosmetology

1) Strategy
a) As a school, how do you get students to apply to the school?
b) What is the businesses way of keeping the students in the program?
2) Marketing
a) How does each person contribute into successfully market the business?
b) Has the business ever conducted a campaign or special sale to advertise it? What was the result?
3) Finance
a) What benefits motivate the employees/students?
b) How does the cash flow work, since the business is a school?
4) Customers
a) If the client is always right, does it insinuate the service provider is always wrong, even though each employee/student is specifically trained to perform the service?
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When a word is confusing, Google it. Don’t know how to play a game, look up the instructions at the official website. Everyone has easy access to what they want to know, if someone wanted to get insight of the North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center, Studio 121 - School of Cosmetology, one could visit their official website at This website is unquestionably accessible, it expresses exactly what the business intends on merchandizing, and who is provided those services. When you first get to the website the name of the business is in multiple places. The first is quite obvious, right smack dab in the middle of the screen. Another place the name is in the upper left side of the screen. To the upper right of the page are the seven main bookmarks. The bookmarks are labeled HOME, ABOUT US, SERVICES, GALLERY, FIND US and CURRICULIM. When one is clicked the page scrolled down until the page shows the information on each bookmark. Home is simply the business name with a suggestive invitation to look under the About Us section. The section describes the mission, purpose and the objective of the school, under which is the enrollment information. It also includes the business hours as well as the location, a map of their location is at the Find Us bookmark. There has been one time I used the Contact section to comment the result of the service I received

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