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Salmon Teriyaki plate

Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce 10 95

Saba Shioyaki Plate

Lightly salted and grilled mackerel 9 95

Shrimp tempura plate

5 piece of shrimp tempura 11 95

Veggie tempura plate

6 pieces seasonal vegetable tempura 8 95

Mixed tempura plate

Two pieces of shrimp 4 pieces vegetables 9 95

Kaki Fry Plate

6 pieces breaded fried oyster with katsu sauce 9 95

Ika Calamari Plate

Lightly fried squid steak with katsu sauce 9 95

Gyoza plate

6 pieces of Japanese deep fried potstickers 9 95

Yakitori Plate

3 skewers of grilled chicken and vegetables 9 95

Chicken teriyaki plate

Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce 9 95

Beef teriyaki plate

Grilled beef with teriyaki sauce 10 95

Tonkatsu Plate

Breaded fried pork loin cutlet with katsu sauce 9 95

Chicken Katsu Plate

Breaded fried chicken cutlet with katsu sauce 9 95

Sesame chicken plate

Breaded fried chicken breast with teriyaki sauce 9 95