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-1865 - 1900
- came from Transcendentalism
- Character detail and complexity
- Natural diction/narroration
- Realistic
-1865 - 1900
- started from the French w/ Charles Darwin (expansion of Darwinisum)
- similar to Realisum but with more "big twistis" and a characters fate is normaly predetermined
- accurate detail
- 1800 - 1865
-Quaker influence
- Philosophical movment
- Protest of culture
- Againts socity corrupted indaviualisum
- 1800 - 1840
- Love of Nature
- Nationlisum
- Revolt vs enlightenment
- Art
- Emotion vs Rationlisum
- World made through perseption
- Break tradition
- No such thing as truth
- No indavidualisum
- pretty hopless... think the lost generation
Sarah Orne Jewett
- works:
-Country Of Pointed Firns
-A White Heron
Louisa May Alcott
- Perfectionist
- Abolitionist
- Femonist
-Little Women (baised off her life)
-Little Men
-Joe's Boys
-8 Cosins
- A lot of her works had meaning
Mark Twain
- Travled a lot for $
- Mischiefy, humorus, a little cocky and cynical
- Four kids w/ wife Olivia Langton
- At 1st became jornalists
- Was a river piolet at 17
- Works:
-Huckleberry Finn
-Tom Sawyer
-Life on the Mississippi (baised on his life)
John Steinbeck
-Shunned for his writings
-wrote about poor working class people
-hated being famouse
-Sea of Cortez
-Of Mice and Men
-Grapes of Rath
Kate Chopin
-writing included feminisum and "hard topics"
-6 kids
-was widowed and left w/debt
-Traveled a lot
-most of her book took place in Louisiana where she lived
Edith Warton
-won pulitzer prize
-lived in Mass. + traveled a lot
-was a part of WW1
-knew a lot of famouse people = was in a lot of TV shows and movies
-Age of Innocence
-House of Mirth
Jack London
-Lived in Cali
-Call of the Wild
-White Fang
-Iron Heal
charlotte perkins gilman
-commited suicide as escape from incurable brest cancer
-for womens rights before blacks
-Maired cosin
-huge on womens rights
-Yellow Wallpaper
Walt Witman
-model for Beatniks
-1st Poet of Democracy
-Controversary works
-involved in the civil war
-pretty influenced by the Quakers
-Leaves of Grass
-Drum Taps
Ralph Waldo Emerson
-started an all girl school
-wrote Nature
Emily Dickinson
-Inspired by Whitman
Henry David Thoreau
-was a teacher
- went to Havard
-built a school
-went to jail in 1846
-greatly influenced by/ lived w/ Emerson
-Wrote: Civil Disobedience and Life in the Woods
Nathanial Hawthorne
-lived in Salem, Mass. w/ mom and 2 sis
-worked at American Magazine as 1st job
-Moby Dick dedication
-Wrote: The Scarlett Letter and Twice Told Tails
Harriot Beecher Stowe
-abolitist (meet husband that way)
-8 kids
-wrote: Uncle Tom's Cabin (inspired by death of her child)
Edgar Allen Poe
-Made living off souly writing
-major poet
-parents died while young making him an orphan
-Maired cosin
-wrote: The Pit And The Pendulum and The Raven
Fredrick Douglas
-Born a slave
-taught to ead by masters and also beat for it
-didn't know his birthday so he made it up to be valentines day
F. Scott Fitzgerald
-didn't write a lot of novels but the ones he did write seem to have a lot to do with love
-went to princeton
-Wrote: The Great Gadspy and This Side of Paridise
Ernest Hemingway
-commited suicied in 1961
-had 4 wives (seperatly)
-inspired by his dad and did a lot of hunting
-most of his works done in Paris
-skipped college to join a newspaper
-wrote:The Old Man By the Sea and The Sun Also Rises
Gertrude Stein
-Born in Gremany but Jewish
-Met Hitler
-Knew Pacaso
-4 bros, 2 sis
-coined trem "Lost Generation"
-Wrote: The Making of Americans and Three Lives
Robert Frost
-Major poet: wrote about 180
-won 4 pulitzer prizes
-Born in San Fran
-Became a teacher
-6 kids
-Had A LOT of mental illness in his fam.
-wrote: The Road Not Taken and A Witness Tree