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The teaching authority of the church exercised by bishops in communion with the pope. The 'Magisterium' is given grace by the Holy Spirit to faithfully interpret the scriptures and traditions


Those who have accepted Gods grace and forgiveness in this life will enjoy an eternity with him in the next. This face to face encounter with God is what we call 'heaven'


Those through the exercise of their own free will ultimately reject Gods grace and forgiveness will have chosen to live an eternity outside of his presence. This total lack of God for all eternity is called 'hell'


The eternal part of a human being given at conception which lives on after death of the body. Also the name for a humans rational nature- their mind


The end of physical life. When the physical body ceases to completely function


The raising of the body back to life again after death. Christians believe Jesus has already experienced 'resurrection' and that all people will experience it at the end of time

Eternal life

The term used to refer to life in heaven after death. Jesus uses this phrase to describe a state of living as god intends which leads to this life in heaven


At the end of our life, we will be faced with the ultimate decision to reject God or choose God. This decision will lead to 'judgement' which then decides whether we go to heaven or hell