Expository Essay On Life And Death

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Death is when one 's life ends, and dying is the process by which one dies. Intellectually one knows that the day will come when they will die. Most of the time they are too reluctant to think on their own death the the knowledge of their death does not touch their hearts. Death is when one 's body cesses to connect with the mind. In the text boon, Theology of Death, Douglas Davies states, in a scientific perspective, death is a natural process in life, but with theological judgement death is both evil and unnatural. (Davies, pg 7). In Christian theology, when one dies, they will be judged and sent to either heaven or hell. If one sinned, and never repented, they will most certainly be sent to hell, but if they repent they will be sent to heaven …show more content…
Each person and culture in this world will have different ways of defining life and death. For example, a college student would be more focused on life, they would not think about death much and if you asked them what death is, the answer they would give would undoubtedly be death is when a person dies. A person has the will to live as they please and make life choice and chose how they want to live, but when it comes to dying, a person can not choose their moment of death. Death comes at times when one least expect it. It is how a person deals with death that gives them being on it. People have many ways to defining death, One could see it as another beginning if they have faith, others could look at it in a more scientific reasoning and say that when one 's body dies they die and there 's nothing after death. If one would look to the Native American culture, they would find that individuals saw death as the meeting of the spirit and physical worlds. When a Native American dies they believe that their body will return to the earth, and their souls will walk among the spirits, guiding others along their path. If one were to speak to a Christian, they would find individuals who believe that death is an awakening to a place where they will meet their God. There are many ways that person who can define death but nothing can prepare their minds for the

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