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pick up, gather
end, finish, close, stop, be over, last, terminate, complete, expire
learn, be taught, take lessons, study, practice
collect, gather, meet, assemble, crowd, swarm, concentrate, converge
live, inhabit, dwell
heavy, important, serious, grave, weight, pile up, repeat, overlap
accommodations, accommodation, lodging, a hotel, an inn, lodge, stay
a place, a spot, a scene, a seat, a part, space
hot, warm, sultry, heated
help, assist, aid, support, save, rescue
put out, extinguish, switch off, disappear, delete, erase,fadeout, vanish, extinguish, obliterate, kill
trade, business, commerce, sell, deal in, a merchant, a dealer, the quotient
a chapter, a badge, an emblem
win, victory, conquer, defeat, beat, excel, surpass, prevail, outdo, surmount, overcome
get on, amount, take, ride, get on, board, go aboard, take part, participate in
say, talk about, tell, report
the body, the person, self,
God, the Divinity, the Lord, a goddess, a deity
truth, reality, just, exactly, pure, true, genuine
deep, thick, dense, profound, close, intimate, depth
go forward, advance, improve, progress, gain
the world, the public, the times, the age
arrange, prepare, put in order, trim, regulate, adjust
old days, ancient times, antiquity, past
all, whole, everything, every, entire, full, complete, overall, total
an aspect, a phase, a physiognomy, a countenance, a look
send, dispatch, ship, forward, remit, pass, spend
think, feel, consider, suppose, guess, meditate, imagine, fancy, recollect
a breath, breathing
quick, fast, speedy, rapid, swift, brisk, prompt, speed, velocity
a race, a tribe, a clan
other, another, else
hit, beat, strike, knock, touch, impress
a pair, even, versus (vs)
change, replace, relieve, a time, an age, a generation,
a price, a charge, a fee
order of things
a subject, a theme, a title