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how is true happiness found?
True happiness is found when we achieve, accept, and live God's plan for us. God's plan for us is to share in his blessed life to share his love.
Why is God the source if true happiness?
God is the source of true happiness because he ceated us with longing souls that only he can saatisfy. God is the only one that can make us truly happy.
according to St. Augustine how did God create us?
St. Augustine says that God created us with homing devices that guide us to our true home. the source of true happiness union with God.
what is the difference between monotheism and polytheism?
the difference between monotheism and polytheism is montheistic people belive in one God and polytheistic people believe in more than one god.
what belief do christianity, judaism, and islam have in common?
christianity judaism and islam share a common intrest which is one God.
what is the difference between atheism and agnostic?
the difference between atheism and agnostic is that atheist know that there isn't a God and agnostic are uncertain that there is a god.
why do human need divine revelation?
humans need divine revelation to show who God really is.
summarize the salvation historyfrom creation to the birth of jesus?
covenant with noah(humans destroyed the unity God intended for humanity), covenant with abraham(work for the unity of scattered humanity, to tell the jewish people apart from the rest they were circumcised), covenant with moses at mt. sinai(law of God was passed moses. the purpose of this law was to let them see God as the one true God.)Kings and prophets(God sent theses prophets and kings to continue telling people that he will to keep his promise)wisdom literature(praise God for the creation in peotry and song) Jesus Christ the new covenant
what are two deposits of faith?
two deposits of faith is sacred scripture and faith
what special role does st peter have in the salvation history?
he played the rock or foundation of the catholic religion
is the official teachings of the church
salvation history
the story of Gods saving action in human history.
what is theoligical virtue?
faith hope and charity
what are the five proofs that God can be known with certainty from human reasons
1. unmoved mover
2.first cause
3.everthing comes from something
4.supreme model
5.grand deisgner
whos name was changed to israel?
what are the two types of revelation
the two types of revelation is natural revelation and divine revelation. natural revelation is noticing Gods creation and divine revelation is when God speaks to us directly.