Similarities Of Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share a lot of similarity. They are all originated in what is called today “middle east”. They are considered the three major monotheistic religions in the world, they all believe and worship one god, and even if it’s called different names by each religion it still the same transcendent that is beyond our ability to comprehend, the creator and the sustainer of the universe, and that speaks through prophet …as sacred texts called holly book which differ for each of three religions: Torah for Jew, Bible for Christian, and Quran for Muslims, the holly book is very significant for them, it sets their beliefs and instructs their practices and way of life. In addition all of the three religions believe in after life where each person will be judged; rewarded or punished depend on his/her conduct during life. Also, each one of the monotheistic religion believe in the old testament such us the stories of the Genesis Adam and Eve, Noah and The Ark. Also each of one of. Although Judaism, Islam, and Christianity shares some similarity. They differ in several things. The main one is the way that each one view god. Christians believe in the holy trinity, which is that god exists as three persons: The father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. As well as the bible as their holly book. On the contrary, Muslims and Jews believe …show more content…
They are emerged from Abraham and they give him a high position of respect, they also agree that he is the founding ancestor of their religions. Before Abraham people believed and worshiped many god. Abraham was the first person to declare and teach the monotheistic idea which is the believe and worship in one god. According to their traditions.He was also chosen by god as “the father of multitude of nations” because he trusted and obeyed god even when asked him to scrifie his son Isac,he was willing to do so,until god stoped

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