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What religion was Jesus?


When was Jesus born?

around 6 and 4 BC

Where was Jesus born?

In Bethlehem

Where did Jesus grow up?

In Nazareth, a town in Galilee

Jesus was ____ (age) when he went to the temple in ________ (place)



Where and by who was Jesus baptized?

Jesus was baptized in the Jordan river by his cousin John the Baptist

What was Jesus' job?

Carpenter/maker of yokes and ploughs

When did Jesus begin his Ministry?

After King Herod arrested John the Baptist

How old was Jesus when he began his ministry?

Jesus was 30

What was the correlation between the tribes of Israel and the Apostles?

Because there were 12 tribes of Israel, there would be 12 apostles for each one

Which Apostle did Jesus choose to be the rock which he would build his church upon?

Simon Peter

What did Jesus teach about?

The Kingdom of God

What were the 4 ways that Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God?

1. telling parables

2. Healing the sick

3. Forgiving sins

4. Providing for the peoples needs

How long did Jesus' ministry last for?

1 and a half- 2 years

What was the Pentecost

When the disciples and apostles of Christ were transformed by the Holy Spirit

What is the modern day equivalent to St Peter?

a Pope

What is the modern day equivalent to an Apostle?

A bishop

What is a modern day equivalent to a disciple/follower of Christ

someone who is baptized

Human definition

a term relating to or describing the nature of people

Divine definition

a term relating to God or a Supreme being

How was Jesus Divine?

Had qualities such as being able to do miracles, -he was the word that became flesh

-Came down from heaven by the power of the Holy Spirit

-Was a Savior in the realm of the dead

-Not made out of the same substance as the father, half human half Godly

How was Jesus human?

He had a human body,

-possessed human knowledge for his time

-he was mortal and his body was finite

-Experienced death like other humans and his soul joined others in the realm of the dead

-Had a rational and human soul

What were the 4 Gospels?

(In order)





Which 3 Gospels are similar/synoptic?

Mark Matthew Luke

Which Gospel was different and why?

Gospel according to John because John was the closest to Jesus and knew the most about him

When was the gospel of Mark made and for who?

Made around the late 60's or early 70's CE for gentiles (Non Jews) who were new in faith and who were prosecuted

When was the Gospel of Matthew made and for who?

Made around the late 70's to 80' for better educated Jews who believed in Jesus and argued over the law

When was the Gospel of Luke made and for who?

Made in the mid to late 80's for wealthier Gentile Christians in an urban setting

When was the Gospel of John made and for who?

Made in the 90's for very mixed Christians, Jews, some Gentiles and Samaritans too

What were the teachings in the Gospel of Mark

To Persevere in faith despite suffering, be ready for the return of Christ

What were the teachings in the Gospel of Matthew?

Be righteous, always forgive, live by the golden rule

What were the teachings in the Gospel of Luke?

Leave everything to follow Jesus, share with the poor, accept everyone

What were the teachings in the Gospel of John?

Serve humbly, love one another, see, believe, know, remain in Jesus and God no matter if you truly believe in Jesus or not

Symbol for Gospel of Mark


Symbol for Gospel of Matthew


Symbol for Gospel of Luke


Symbol for Gospel of John


What is a parable?

Stories told by Jesus in the New Testament meant for the common everyday person. Talk about morals and the kingdom of God

Name the 6 Jewish groups




Great Sanhedrin



Who were the Zealots?

-Against Romans

-Very violent

-Jewish independence through military overthrow of Romans

Who were the Scribes

-Writers and interpreters of the law, hence "Scribes"

-doctors of the law

-part of the Pharisees

Who were the Pharisees

-Law people

-very strict always followed the law

Who were the Great Sanhedrin

-Assembly or Senate

-Governing Body of the Jews

-involved Sadducees and Pharisees but mostly Sadducees

-like the supreme court

Who were the Essene's?

-Hippies of the day

-Withdrew from society because of weakness of political leaders

-Obeyed tradition

-Who were the Sadducees?

-Rich dudes

-Very conservative

-Had high priests/aristocratic priestly caste

-Jewish upper class

-Only followed what was in the Torah