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Mezquita (Great Mosque)

Medium: horseshoe and colorful arches

Date: 8th century

Country: Spain


Subject: religious (mosque)

Dome of the Rock

Medium: domed central-plan structure

Date: 687

Country: Jerusalem


Subject: religious building

Architect: Abd al-Malik

Interior of the dome of the Rock

Medium: original mosaics

Date: 687

Country: Jerusalem


Subject: interior of the dome with mosaics

Great Mosque

Medium: Late antique architecture

Date: 706

Country: Damascus, Syria


Subject: Religious (mosque)

Malwiya Minaret, Great Mosque

Medium: unique spiral

Date: 848

Country: Iraq

Size: 165ft

Subject: building to call all to prayer

Koran page

Medium: ink and gold on vellum

Date: 9th century

Country: (now) Dublin

Size: 7.25"x10.25"

Subject: religious script of Koran

Court of the Lions

Medium: Islamic stone structure, stucco walls

Date: 1354

Country: Spain


Subject: court in the Alhambra

Mosque of Selim II

Medium: dome covered square prayer hall

Date: 1568

Country: Turkey

Size: taller than Hagia Sophia

Subject: new type of Mosque

Architect: Sinan


Medium: glazed mosaic tile work

Date: 1354

Country: Iran

Size: 11'3"

Subject: Isalmic calligraphy and ornamentation

Carpet from funerary mosque

Medium: wood and silk

Date: 1540

Country: Iran

Size: 34'6"

Subject: funerary carpet with heavenly dome

Mosque lamp

Medium: glass with enamel decoration

Date: 1340

Country: Egypt

Size: 1'1"

Subject: glass mosque lamp