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to be
to have
to go
to make, do
to redo
to undo
prendre - prenons, prenez, prennent
to take
apprendre - apprenons
to learn
comprendre - comprenons, comprennent
to understand
reprendre - reprenons, reprennent
to start again
surprendre - suprenons, suprennent
to surprise
venir - viens, viens, vient, venons, venez, viennent
to come
to become
to return
to hold
to belong
to maintain, support (financially)
to obtain
to retain, hold back
to support, hold up
devoir - dois, dois, doit, devons, devez, doivent
should, ought, must, to owe
pouvoir - peux, peux, peut, pouvons, pouvez, peuvent
to be able to
vouloir - veux, veux, veut, voulons, voulez, voulent
to want
ouvrir - er ending
to open
accueillir - er ending
to welcome
couvrir - er ending
to cover
cueillir - er ending
to gather, pick (flowers)
découvrir - er ending
to discover
rouvrir - er ending
to reopen
souffrir - er ending
to suffer
partir - re ending - pars, pars, part, partons, partez, partent
to leave, set out (for a destination)
dormir - re ending
to sleep
mentir - re end
to lie
repartir - re ending
to leave again
sentir - re ending
to feel
servir - re ending
to serve
sortir - re ending
to go out
mettre - re end w/ 1 t in singular - mets, mets, met, mettons, mettez, mettent
to put
battre -re end w/ 1 t in sing
to beat
combattre -re end w/ 1 t in sing
to fight, combat
débattre -re end w/ 1 t in sing
to debate
omettre -re end w/ 1 t in sing
to omit
permettre -re end w/ 1 t in sing
to permit
promettre -re end w/ 1 t in sing
to promise
convaincre - convaincs, convaincs, convainc, convainquons, convainquez, convainquent
to convince
vaincre - vaincs, vaincs, vainc, vainquons, vainquez, vainquent
to conquer
craindre - crains, crains, craint, craignons, craignez, craignent
to fear
atteindre - s-n, pl-gn
to reach, attain
éteindre - s-n, pl-gn
to put out, extinguish
joindre - like craindre
to join
peindre - like craindre
to paint
plaindre - like craindre
to pity
rejoindre - like craindre
to rejoin
connaître - connais, connais, connaît, connaissons, connaissez, connaissent
to know
apparaître - like connaitre
to appear
disparaître - like connaitre
to disappear
paraître - like connaitre
to seem, appear
reconnaître - like connaitre
to recognize
construire - construis, construis, construit, construisons, construisez, construisent
to build
conduire - conduis, conduis, conduit, conduisons, conduisez, consuisent
to drive
détruire - like conduire
to destroy
introduire - like conduire
to introduce
produire - like conduire
to produce
traduire - like conduire
to translate
recevoir - reçois, reçois, reçoit, recevons, recevez, reçoivent
to receive
décevoir - like recevoir
to disappoint
apercevoir - like recevoir
to notice
écrire - écris, ecris, ecrit, ecrivons, ecrivez, ecrivent
to write
vivre - vis, vis, vit, vivons, vivez, vivent
to live
suivre - suis, suis, suit, suivons, suivez, suivent
to follow
savoir - sais, sais, sait, savons, savez, savent
to know
boire - bois, bois, boit, buvons, buvez, boivent
to drink
dire - dis, dis, dit, disons, dites, disent
to say, tell
lire - lis, lis, lit, lisons, lisez, lisent
to read
courir - cours, cours, court, courons, courez, courent
to run
mourir - meurs, meurs, meurt, mourons, mourez, meurent
to die
voir - vois, vois, voit, voyons, voyez, voient
to see
croir - crois, crois, croit, croyons, croyez, croient
to believe