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A bheith
Táim/tá mé
I am
Tá tú
you are
Tá sé/sí
he/she is
we are
Tá sibh
they are
Nílim/níl mé
I am not
Níl tú
you are not
Níl sé/sí
he.she is not
we are not
Níl sibh
you (pl) are not
Níl siad
they are not
An bhfuilim/an bhfuil mé
am I?
An bhuil tú
are you?
An bhuil sé/sí
is he/she?
An bhuilimid
are we?
An bhuil sibh
are you?
An bhuil siad
are they?
Cá bhuil tú?
where are you?
Cé a tá ansin?
Who is there?
Cad a tá ansin
what is there?
Conas a tá tú?
How are you?
Cathain a tá tú ansin?
When are you there?
Bhí mé
I was
Bhí tú
you were
Bhí sé/sí
he/she was
we were
Bhí sibh
you (pl) were
Bhí siad
they were
Ní raibh mé
I was not
Ní raibh tú
you were not
Ní raibh sé/sí
he/she was not
Ní rabhamar
you were not
Ní raibh sibh
you (pl) were not
Ní raibh siad
they were not
An raibh mé?
was I?
An raibh tú?
were you?
An raibh sé/sí?
was he/she?
An rabhamar?
were we?
An raibh sibh?
were you?
An raibh siad?
Were they?
Cá raibh tú?
Where were you?
Cé a bhí ansin?
who was there?
Cad a bhí ansin?
What was there?
Conas a bhí tú?
How were you?
Cathain a bhí tú ansin?
when were you there?
Beidh mé
I will be
Beidh tú
you will be
Beidh sé/sí
we will be
we will be
Beidh sibh
you (pl) will be
Beidh siad
they will be
Ní bheidh mé
I will not be
Ní bheidh tú
you wil not be
Ní bheidh sé/sí
he/she will not be
Ní bheimid
we will not be
Ní bheidh sibh
you (pl) will not be
Ní bheidh siad
they will not be
An mbeidh mé?
will I be?
An mbeidh tú?
Will you be?
An mbeidh sé/sí
will he/she be?
An mbeimid
will we be?
An mbeidh sibh
will you (pl) be?
An mheidh siad
will they be?
Cá mbeidh tú?
Where will you be?
Cé a bheidh ansin
who will be there?
Cad a bheidh ansin
what will be there?
Conas a bheidh tú?
How will you be?
Cathain a bheidh tú ansin?
When will you be there?