Horton Heared A Who Essay

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As far as I remembered, I always wanted to leave Vietnam. While I have deep love and respect for my country, I wanted to travel to somewhere, to see new things and meet new people to learn new culture and taste exotic foods. Seeing my interest for the foreign, my parents registered me to the bilingual program since primary school. The language I learned however wasn’t English, it was French. For ten years I learned French and for ten years I dreamed of living in France, studying at a Parisian University and perhaps travel from France to the rest of Europe. The dream was almost in hand, the French Language test was soon to happen, and one fateful afternoon, my mother came to my room and told me that the family is moving to America and I have three months to learn English.

My begining of learning English was simple but troubling to say the very least. Even
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The thing I disliked the most about English was irregular Verb. In Steven Pinker’s essay, Horton Heared a Who! The author presented an interesting idea regarding the linguistic development when one learned a new language. Professor Pinker introduced the idea that English verbs can be divided into two main types: The regular verb that could be conjugated with normal rules and other Verbs that need special conjugations. Those special verbs, Pinker believe, are difficult to pick up and learned and often resulted in a “grammatical slip” where the special verbs are used incorrectly by adding “-ed” at their ends. When I began learning English, I indeed did experience this problem of making grammatical slips, it

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