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name six simple machines.
inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, wheel&axel, lever.
What are elements in a compound?
The elements that make up a compound.
What are diverging boundries?
Boundries that move apart
<-- -->
Describe a spectrum graph
X, Y, and Z, the W contains all three put togehter and your going to be asked what Z is by looking at W.
Why do you see only on side of the moon from earth?
moons rotation= 29.5 days
moons revolution= 29.5
Convection currents occur where?
A current is made up of a flow of what?
What does the hertz-sprung diagram display?
the temperature and colors of stars (the relationship between stars)
Why is the earths core solid?
Intense pressure pushes atoms together
Differances in densities would mean a differance in
Alpha particles are
positivley charged and made on 2 neutrons and two protons
What increases the rate of a chemical reaction?
newtons third law
with every action force there's and equal or opposite reaction force
What does a wave carry through matter or space?
Describe Kinetic energy.
energy of a moving object due to the objects mass
Define Fusion.
Releases energy with extremly high temperatures
light waves are
what is a convection current?
movement due to the differances in density
define amplitude
The maxium distance that particles of a wave medium vibrate from their rest position.
what are water waves?
transversal and mechanical
What is electromagnetic number?
a current by changing the magnetic feild
What puts CO2 in the atmosphere?
forest fires and burning of fossil fuels.
What is the greenhouse effect?
the warming of earths surface and lower atmosphere
What breaks up a mixture?
broken down by filtration, fractional distillation, and distillation
What is a magnetic feild?
a region where magnetic forces can be detected
Where does a magnet exert the most force?
the poles
Force =
Mass x Acceleration
Speed =
acceleration =
f.v - i.v/time
power =
How is a compound broken down?
by heating
Describe exothermic
releases energy, warm
3 factors that affect earths climate
Earths tilt changes, movement of continents, green house effect
What is frequency?
the # of cycles or vibrations per unit time
momentum =
mass x velocity
work =
force x distance
KE =
What causes tides on earth?
Moons gravitational pull
What is a transform boundry?
Boundries slide past each other
What is a convergant boundry?
Boundries that move together
What are 2 factors that affect gravitational force?
Mass of objects and the distance between them
What is a sound wave?
longitudinal and mehcanical
Why do you see a loss in mass in the test tube durning lab 6.1?
a gas was given off
What causes the ring of fire?
Converging plates
What phase must the moon be in for there to be a solar eclipse?
New Moon
What are Beta Particles?
fast moving and can easily pass through paper
What are the layers of the earth? (in order)
lithosophere, asthenosphere, outer core, inner core
Name two things you could do to increase the counting rate of a radioactive sample held a certain distance form the geiger counter.
move the geiger counter closer, have a larger sample
Sedimentary rock is named according to
size of the fragments it contains
Describe endothermic
absorbs energy, cold
What is a wavlength?
distance from 2 points on a wave
What ratio is oxygen to hydrogen?
Where is the earth durning a lunar eclipse?
in the middle of the sun and the moon
Gamma rays have
no elctrical charge
newtons first law
Something at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by force, something moving with contine moving till acted upon by unbalnced force (friction)
what is friction?
slows down and object moving
How is it possible for a beta particle to be given off from a nucleus?
b/c a neutron is made of a proton and an electron
What is potential energy?
energy being stored
What are elements NOT able to do?
be broken down into anything simpler
What nucleur reaction is used to generate electricity in nuclear power plants?
Why do we see phases of the moon?
earths rotation and earths revolution, only part of the moon is visible from earth at differant times
What are the phases of the moon in order? (start with full)
full moon, wanning gibbious, third quarter, wanning cresnet, new moon, waxing crescent, waxing gibbious