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Many indigenous African religions are characterized by the doctrine of pantheism, which is the belief:

that divinity resides in many things

Which of the following is characteristic of Islamic artworks?

calligraphy used to create designs and patterns

Parables were used by Jesus to:

teach lessons central to the Christian faith

Who was the first Hebrew leader?


In addition to believing in Allah as the only God, Muslims must fulfill obligations set forth in the:

In addition to believing in Allah as the only God, Muslims must fulfill obligations set forth in the:

Five Pillars

What key idea in Christian thought was emphasized by both the early missionary Paul and, later, Augustine of Hippo?

distrust of the human body

Islam was first proclaimed by the prophet Muhammad in Mecca around the year:

610 C.E.

Like Judaism and Christianity, Islam is what type of religion?


A central theme of the first five books of the Bible is God's covenant, or:

agreement with mankind

To accommodate large numbers of worshipers for services, early Christians developed the architectural form known as the:


Many Christian churches built during the Middle Ages:

were located on or near pilgrimage routes

The Carolingian era was marked by what type of social system?


Which of the following is a musical form that is directly linked to a religious liturgy?


The Early Middle Ages was marked by the influence and confluence of the Christian Church and what other force?

barbarian groups

What art form are illuminations associated with?


What commonality is shared by the three major literary works of the Middle Ages: Dante's Inferno, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, and Boccaccio's Decameron?

The motif of the journey used to provide a structure for the story.

In what key way do Gothic churches differ from Romanesque churches?

The emphasis is on vertical light-filled spaces with thin walls.

The Gothic style was predominant after 1140 in which country?


Which of the following is an egg-based painting medium?


Marsilio Ficino translated the work of which ancient philosopher?


Which architect, considered one of the greatest of the Early Renaissance, created the dome of the Florence Cathedral?

Filippo Brunelleschi

Unlike artists in Italy, Renaissance artists in Northern Europe tended to prefer to paint:

detailed small-scale paintings on wood panels.

What cultural shift is reflected in the term humanism?

the change in focus from sacred matters to secular concerns

Donatello's sculptural work stands apart from much Early Renaissance art because of its:

harsh emotionalism.

Which of the following statements about a madrigal is true?

The madrigal is secular vocal music written for lyrics in the vernacular.

Petrarch formalized and popularized which literary form?


In what key way did portraiture change during the Early Renaissance?

Artists began to show individuals and their features rather than ideal types.

An artwork made up of multiple separate panels, such as an altarpiece, is known as a:


Which of the following best defines the term iconoclasm?

the destruction of religious imagery

Which of the following artists was NOT a significant Renaissance painter or printer in Northern Europe?

Thomas Weelkes

The techniques of chiaroscuro and sfumato were developed by which artist?


Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type and the printing press in the:


Rome became the center of artistic production in Italy during the Later/High Renaissance because of:

the power of the popes.

Which of the following characteristics was NOT one of the ways in which Mannerist artworks differed from High Renaissance ideals?

realistic and identifiable subjects

Who is the author of the 95 Theses?

Martin Luther

The Reformation resulted in:

the emergence of many new Christian religions.

Who is considered the father of the modern essay?

Michel de Montaigne

Shakespeare's plays are written in unrhymed iambic pentameter, also called:

blank verse

What was the primary inspiration for French Baroque plays?

classical drama

Who was the founder of the modern empirical tradition?

Francis Bacon

An opera includes which of the following two vocal forms?

recitative and arias

Caravaggio's tenebristic manner is reflected in his paintings by the:

dramatic use of lights and shadows

The heightened realism and theatricality of the Baroque is evident in David and Saint Theresa in Ecstasy, two sculptures by which artist?

Gianlorenzo Bernini

What formed the basis for René Descartes' approach to thinking?


All of the following are key characteristics of the Baroque era except which one?

preference for small scale

The sensuality that is characteristic of Baroque art, seen in his painting Garden of Love, is evident in the work of which northern European artist?

Peter Paul Rubens

Johann Sebastian Bach is known for his work in which vocal musical form that is composed of a theme and counterpoint?