Differences And Similarities Between Christianity And Islam

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Christianity first became an Asian religion, and prominent in Israel and Syria. Christianity then gradually progressed to become an African and European religion. There is no evident material culture of the Christian religion before 180 AD, and it was very common for early churches to be set in private dwellings, which included homes of the wealthy. The term Islam means “submission,” while followers of Islam are called Muslims which is translated to “one who has submitted.” Islam was very prominent in Asia, mainly in the Arabian Peninsula. The Islam religion is an old religion, but is not one of the ancient religions. In this paper, ancient Christianity and Islam are going to be compared in multiple areas. Christianity and Islam are going to be viewed through concepts and values, human achievements, and historical events and figures. All of these things, make up what Christianity and Islam have become today. Christianity focuses solely on the figure of Jesus. Jesus was called the Messiah, and was the …show more content…
For instance, both Christianity and Islam believe in a trinity, and have some reference to Jesus. While the trinity in Christianity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the trinity in Islam is Father, Virgin, and Child. Jesus in the eyes of a Christian is the Son of God, and is salvation. While in Islam, Jesus is a prophet and miracle worker, but is not divine or the Son of God. Christianity has one important text, and other texts mentioned within the Bible that are the basis of the religion. Islam has two sacred texts, one of which is filled with sayings from the founder of the religion. Christians and Muslims have very different beliefs, and the only thing that religions have in common is where it originated from and the spread of the religion. Christianity and Islam can be found all around the world, and were two of the most dominant religions during the early

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