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most potent negative ionotrope of all CCBs?
what type of CCBs bind more selectively to vascular smooth muscle and therefore relax smooth muscle at a conc that produces almost no negative inotropy?

Nifedipine, amlodipine, etc
What type of CCB would you choose for HTN, prinzmetal angina, vasospam after SAH?

Nifedipine, amlodipine, etc
What type of CCB would you choose for HTN, rate control in a flutter/fib, and to abolish SVT
Verapamil or Diltiazem
most serious effects of CCB tox?
Myocardial depression and peripheral vasodilitation

hypotension is most common physiologic abnormality after OD
adults receiveing long term therapy with CCBs can develop hypotension, brady, or cardiac conduction abnormalities if they ingest how much of their daily dose
two times their daily dose
symptoms of BB OD and CCB OD can be very similar, what lab can help you distinguish?
CCB: Hyperglycemia

BB: Hypo/euglycemia
Hypotesni, bradycardia, and AV block can be seen in other conditions than CCB tox. What is your DD for these sx?
Cardiac glycoside tox (dig)
Antiarrhythmic class IA-C tox
Central alpha agonist (clonidine) tox
if digoxin tox is a potential issue in a pt with suspected CCB tox, the clinician may reasonably avoid the of use what treatment

there is potential worsening tox
decreased level of consciousness following CCB ingestion is a result of what
cerebral hypoperfusion or coingestion
when should pacing be used in a pt with CCB OD?
HR < 30
life threatening tox can be seen with ingestion of just ONE tablet of which CCB in KIDS?

so you should use activated charcoal on them

if its an adult the evidence is lacking for the use of activated charcoal
what therapy should be considered for patients with large ingestion of sustained release agents?
Whole bowel irrigation
which type of calcium is preferred in CCB tox tx? (Ca Chloride or Ca Gluconate?)

what is the side effect of this drug if not administered properly?
Calcium Chloride

must give through central line

if given through peripheral IV can cause severe soft tissue necrosis
What is important to remember when giving Ca as a tx for CCB tox?
the effect may be transient

repeat dosing is commonly required

or you can use an infusion of 2-6 g

hypercalcemia is acceptable in pts who are not responding
Patients with CCB tox who do not respond to Ca admin or who require repeated doses are usually given what?
Adrenergic agonists
if a pt doesnt respond to vasopressor therapy in CCB tox, what should be used
hyperinsulin/euglycemia therapy

aka about 1 unit/kg with 50mL of 50% detrose
tx of choice for BB OD?

bypass the B adrenergic receptor and stimulated cardiac activity
what therapy should be strongly considered prior to administering glucagon?
ET Intubation

because the major side effects are vomiting and hyperglycemia