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How can you reduce edema to the glans penis? What is this used for?
Wrapping it with a two inch elastic bandage for five minutes

Tx for para phimosis to prevent gangrene
Maldevelopment of this structure leads to increased risk for torsion
Scrotal ligament

Hydroceles can form in this potential space in the testis
Tunica vaginalis
Testicular nodules should be assumed to be what?

Until proven otherwise
What is Fournier Gangrene
Polymicrobial, synergistic, infective necrotizing fasciitis of the perineal, genital, or perianal anatomy
2 comorbidities commonly associated with fourniers gangrene
What is balanoposthitis? What can it be the sole symptom of?
Inflammation of the glans and the foreskin


Consider candida gardnerella, and anaerobes as potential causes
Tx for phimosis
Definitive: circumcision

Topical steroid (betamethasone 0.05% to 0.1) once a day for 4-6 weeks is 70-90% effective
What is a paraphimosis? Which is a true urologic emergency, phimosis or para?
Para: true urologic emergency, inability to reduce the proximal erythematous foreskin dismally over the glans penis into its natural position
Pt presents after intercourse with a non erect swollen do colored and tender penis. What do you need to be concerned for as a result of the diagnosis
This is a fractured penis

Look for urethral rupture with retrograde urerthrogram
Give some causes for priapism
Injection of vasoactive substances (PGE)
Hydralazine, ccbs
Chlorpromazin, Trazodone (mental disorder)
Sickle cell
No matter the cause of priapism, initial therapy includes what?
Terbutaline (b2 agonist .25-.5mg SC in deltoid q 30 min

Narcotic analgesia

Corporal aspiration followed by irrigation
Diff for acute scrotal pain
Incarcerated hernia
Most sensitive finding (99%) in testicular torsion is?
Unilateral absence of cremaster reflex

Other: firm, tender, higher in position, horizontal in lie
What is Prehn Sign
Relief of pain with elevation of effected testis

Usually a positive sign for epididymis but cannot rule out torsion
How quickly do you need to diagnose torsion to have good salvage of the testis
<6 hours from sx
If ultrasound is equivocal for torsion, what can be used
How do you attempt to do manual detorsion
Similar to opening a book
Medial to lateral
If standing at pt feet rotate right testis clockwise, left counter

Try one and a half rotations
What diagnosis must be considered in any male presenting with abdominal pain
What is the "blue dot sign" seen in
Appendage all torsin

Seen on upper pole of testis or epididymis,is
Tx for suspected epididymitis in Pt under 40
Treat for gonorrhea and chlamydia

Ceftriaxone 250mg IV
Doxycycline 100mg PO bid for ten days
Tx for suspected epididymitis in Pt over 40
Treat for gram negative bacilli

Cipro 500mg PO bid for 10-14d
Levofloxacin 250mg po everyday for 10-14d
Initial treatment for acute prostatitis?
FQs for 30 days

E. coli is working diagnosis
What signifies abnormal residual urine volume