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A stream of water or other extinguishing agent after it leaves a nozzle until it reaches the desired point.

Fire stream
What are the three basic types of fire streams?
Fire stream produced from fixed orifice, smooth bore nozzle.
Solid stream
Smooth bore nozzle flow formula
GPM= 29.7 x D2 x √NP
A turning or state of being turned; a turning from a straight line or given course; a bending; deviation.
During the time a stream of water passes through space, It is influenced by what things?
- Friction with the air
Type of stream from a fog nozzle that closest resembles a solid stream.
Straight stream
What pressures are solid hand-line and master streams
operated at?
50 psi
80 psi
The line bounding around a surface; outward boundary of an object distinguished from its internal regions.
To strike or dash about or against; clashing with sharp collision; to come together with force.
Most constant flow nozzles are intended to be operated at a nozzle pressure of what?
100 psi
If the gallonage to an Automatic nozzle changes, it maintains approximately the same what?
nozzle pressure and pattern
Within it’s design limits, an automatic nozzle maintains a constant nozzle pressure of approximately ___ psi.
Any fire stream that is too large to control without mechanical aid.
Master Stream
What are the four major categories of master stream devices?
-Deluge Set
-Elevated Master Stream
Some constant flow nozzles operate at lower pressures of 50-75 psi for what special purpose?
High-rise Fire Fighting
Most fog nozzles are designed for a ___psi discharge pressure.
100 psi
The maximum amount of water that can safely flow through a handline nozzle.
350 gpm
What are smoothbore and fog master streams operating pressures?
80 psi
100 psi
What is the difference between a monitor and a deluge set?
The stream direction and angle can be changed while water is flowing.
What are the three basic types of monitors?
Large-capacity nozzles that are designed to be placed on the end of an aerial device.
Ladder Pipe
Why is movement of ladder pipe nozzles limited to vertical up and down motions?
Horizontal movement of the nozzle puts too much stress on the aerial ladder.
What is another name for a cellar nozzle?
Nozzle commonly used in aircraft fire fighting and to apply water to areas that are otherwise inaccessible to water streams.
Piercing Nozzle
A turret pipe is also called?
deck gun
deck pipe
Master stream device used in conjunction with aerial ladders where detachable ladder pipes are attached to the rungs of the ladder and are supplied by a fire hose.
Elevated master stream
Stream created when water is forced through a series of small holes on the discharge end of the nozzle.
broken stream
Nozzle that produces a fan shaped stream intended to protect combustible materials from heat of an adjacent fire.
water curtain nozzle
Another name for a piercing nozzle.
Penetrating nozzle
The jet nozzle at the end of, at piercing nozzle, is capable of delivering how many Gpm?
The counterforce that pushes back on firefighters handling a hoseline is known as what?
Nozzle reaction
Practical working limits for velocity of fire streams are within……..
60-120 feet per second
Nozzle reaction for a smooth bore nozzle.
NR= 1.57 X D2 X NP
Why are Water curtain nozzles are rarely used?
Because of their limited effectiveness
Nozzle made of solid brass r steel with numerous, very small impinging holes that generally produces 1.5-3 gpm of water in very fine, misty fog cone.
chimney nozzle
This law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Nozzle Reaction
The limiting velocities of fire streams are produced by what PSI?
25-100 psi
Nozzle reaction for a fog nozzle.
NR= 0.0505 X Q X √NP
What nozzles does NFPA 1901 not require to be carried on apparatus, but must be decided on by the fire department based on its jurisdictional needs.
Special Purpose Nozzles
-Water Curtain