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Keeping apparatus in a state of readiness


To restore of replace that which has become inoperable


Standard for Emergency Vehicle Technician Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1071

Volunteer fire departments should establish a procedure by which all apparatus are inspected and maintained When?

On at least a weekly or bi-weekly schedule

Overcleaning can be negative by secondary to possible removal of what?


During first six months of vehicle life, ____ water should be used to assist in hardening the paint and protective coating


When washing newer apparatus, a garden hose should be used so that the stream from the end of the hose is no more than....

1 foot in length

When should career fire departments typically require their driver/operators to perform inspection and maintenance checks?

At the beginning of each tour of duty
How should you never remove dust and grit from a apparatus?

By dry rubbing

Apparatus pre-trip method that involves starting at the driver’s door on the cab and working around the apparatus in a clockwise pattern.

Walk-around method

Give examples of two things that can be inspected on approaching a vehicle.
Vehicle damage

Severe leaning

On vehicle inspection, the first portion that should be specifically checked is what?

The left (driver’s) side of the front, or cab, of the vehicle.

Seals that retain axle gear oil may show slight seepage and still be serviceable, what would be unacceptable?
Trails of fluid on the wheel or tire
If an apparatus requires waxes or polishes, it generally should not be applied until when?
The paint is at least 6 month old
Driver operators should actually begin their inspection process when?
When approaching the vehicle

Unusual accumulations of brake dust on the wheel can signify what?

A problem with the braking system

In addition to checking tire conditions, also make sure that dual tires do not what?

Come in contact with each other or other parts of the vehicle.
It is a general rule of thumb to keep the fuel tank how full?
At least ¾ full
This turns various lights on at specific intervals so that the start-up electrical load for all of the devices does not occur at the same time.
Load sequencer
When the load monitor shuts down less important electrical equipment to prevent overload.
Load shedding
Retreaded tires should be inspected for what?
Tread separation
Why should all electrical switches be in the off position when the vehicle is started?
To avoid excessive load on the battery
Appropriate hearing protection should be worn if any personnel will be exposed to noise levels in excess of how many decibels?
This “watches” the system for added electrical loads that threaten to overload the system.
Load monitor
Steering wheel play should be no more than about how far in either direction?
10 degrees

NFPA 1901 braking test requires that new apparatus be brought to a complete stop from a speed of __mph not to exceed __ft.


NFPA 1901 braking test requires the parking brake to hold the apparatus in place on a grade of what?
NFPA 1901 requires that on vehicles with air brakes the pressure should build to a sufficient level for vehicle operations within how long?

60 seconds

If the pressure drops below what psi, does the air pressure protection valve prevent the air horns from being operated?


To test road brakes, allow the apparatus to move forward at _mph. Then push down on the pedal firmly and the apparatus should stop within about __ft.

5 mph: 20ft

To test the parking brake, it can be tested the same as the road brakes, at _mph pull the brake and it should stop within __ft.

5 mph: 20ft

Most engine compartment checks are to be done while the engine is NOT running except:

Transmission fluid

What should the cooling fan be inspected for?

Cracks or missing blades

Corrosion on the battery terminals may be cleaned by mixing what and pouring it on the connections?

Baking soda and water

What does SAE stand for?

Society of Automotive Engineers

What does the SAE number indicate?

The oil viscocity

What is step #1 in charging an apparatus battery?

Make sure the battery and ignition switches are in their off positions.

If done wrong, attempting to charge a battery may produce what?

Hydrogen gas